Puppet Master

They call me the Puppet Master.
You never see me, but you know I’m there.
You can see exactly what I’m doing.
The strings are attached.
Oh, but I dance.
I sparkle.
I dazzle you silly to the point where you don’t know what’s real anymore.
Am I fake?
What happened to those strings?
You are too bothered and distracted.
I entertain.
My words are slick and routine is mastered.
I make you think of all the things you desire.
I make you think of who you wish you could be.
Then I tell you, you can.
Only if…
And just like that, you open our eyes, and realize
That what you saw was not for free
In fact you paid with your Freedom
In fact you paid with your Willpower
In fact you paid with your Strength
And justified it all as being “my money’s worth”

The dollars own your soul, and the ones who have it are the ones you strive to be.
You have come to believe this happiness thing can be bought.
And when you try to buy happiness…
You succumb.
To me.
Cause the dollars own your soul, and I own the dollars.

[Crazy somewhat poetic ramblings of student reading her Advertising, Society and Consumer Culture textbook.]


TO Love JP

Saturday evening is a very special charity concert happening at Vola Nightclub. Tons of names on the bill. Hosted by my girl Phoenix, music by  a buncha DJs including my Main Ingredient fam DJ Sean Sax, as well as performances by Erik Flowchild, PG, Shi Wisdom, Linda Lutzono, Quentin Vercetty, just to name a few…My girl Phoenix has been working very hard putting this fundraiser together with Songbird Jazmine and hollered at me to do my ‘click click’ ting from the jump.

Come. Vibe to Toronto talent, be in good energy, and send LOVE to Japeezy.

Click HERE for facebook invite.


With Great Power…

As someone with the power of a camera in your hand, understand the access you have to information, much more, the responsibility you are given with that knowledge. God-given moments with extraordinary people don’t come to just anybody. The ability to capture that sliver of time for all eternity is tempting. But listen to me, this privilege we are given, is because we’ve gained a trust. We’ve been allowed to enter a circle that is not of our own, and we’re told the sides of stories nobody gets to hear. Become aware that there’s a line to be drawn — which things are meant to be captured, and which things are  better to be relished in with your heart, soul, and mind. You may not have evidence of it, you might not be able to share it with everyone, but you are given something that nobody else has. A Real Connection.


A Word from ETERNIA

[Still shot: the gorgeous ETERNIA]

It’s been a minute, folks, pardon my in-and-out presence on the bloggy. School’s been gwannin’ hard these days and it’s borderline driving me nuts. Either way, I always have something to talk about/things from the Lovehard archives to share, and I thought posting up this snippet of Eternia would be totally fitting this week.

If you don’t know who this powerhouse of a woman is, lemme drop some science on ya. Ottawa born, Torontonian forever, now lives in Queens, NY, this emcee is nasty on the mic and shares messages of truth and vulnerability. She is someone who I feel really understands what it means to use her music as a voice for the voiceless and make a stand for those who haven’t quite found the strength to do so yet.

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Untitled thought #65

— The next three weeks will be critical. Time to really flex what 6 thousand dollars cost me. I’m goin innnnnn! Anticipate my return…


Untitled thought #64

— Wherever You are, Whoever You are… I hope you’re ready for me.


Untitled thought #63

— I wonder how you’re doing. How are you really really doing?


Happy Birfday Angie-ahhh

To some, it is but another day — one will wake up, go about their memorized motions, and carry on as if it were any other. A quarter century stands for more than just a good sounding number, it marks a change, if you will it to be so. Put on the armor of Readiness and equip yourself for what’s to come. What was past and all that it encompassed, has prepared you for this very moment — Right Now. There is no turning back, there are no repeats, and definitely… no second chances. Every moment counts. Even the moments with brick walls, fire breathing dragons, and 5 pound hailstorms. Let me tell you something — your resilience, your strength, and your courage has never left you, even during the times when you felt abandoned. You were never alone, because you were always with You. Something great is about to come swooping down and if you doubt it, don’t believe it’s for you, or you try to jump out of the way… Think Again. Run with it, chase after it, because my Love, it is Yours for the Taking.

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Lovehard presents: Benny Blue Diamond

[Benny Blue Diamond, Kingston, JA]

Walking up the concrete driveway to where the Film Festival was being held, my eyes tried to quickly adjust to the dimness of the night. The warm evening air in the middle of October was a beautiful escape from Toronto’s crisp cold fall and approaching winter. I tied my hair into a loose bun, hoping that the extra coverage off my back would prevent it from sweating so much. Either way, as uncomfortable as I was with being hot and sticky, who am I to really complain about being in Jamaica? I could deal.

The large group of people I just hopped off the van with started to make their way towards the back of the museum where the event was being held. Still in a trance from the activities taking place earlier that afternoon, I overheard a guitar playing charming plucks and melodies. Approaching the driveway, there on the steps in front of a big red door, sat two Rasta-men, one on the guitar, and another taking up percussion with a maraca. I felt like I was being compelled by the Pied Piper, and walked over without hesitation. I introduced myself to the two gentlemen who had me in a trance — Benny and Hado, then proceeded to take out my camera and began to film.

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Untitled thought #62

— I am putting into the Universe multiple sources of income in the coming months to feed mi belly and pay mi bills. Please and Forever grateful.


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