I haven’t been around in awhile and to be honest, there is so much on the rise I’m finding it extremely difficult to be on top of things. I’m juggling multiple projects, producing and managing, full time school, AND in the development and research stages of a new web series I’m creating. Life is poppin! I have so many goals for this coming semester and I need to be real with myself… I can’t handle it all.

LOOKING FOR: A part-time production assistant for LOVEHARD (my video/photo production company and blog).

Do you love hip hop music, arts and culture? Do you want exposure to these kind of events and artists? Are you organized and can word doc/excel it up? Are you a jack of all trades? What are your skrills? Can you shoot/edit/graphic design/web develop/blog (wordpress)?

Sometimes there’s money involved, sometimes there is free inebriation and access to dope shows/parties. Regardless, the experience is GUARANTEED goodness if you’re eager and excited to soak it all in. You must be 19+.

If interested, please email with your resume, your goals (life & career), and why you love hip hop and who you listen to!!

Deadline to Apply: Thurs, Feb 2nd, 2012.



[TFHOUSE at his last show of 2011. Sneaky Dees, if you were there, youuu knowwwww]

What a frickin’ year for TFHOUSE and the DSTRY team. We went from Teddy’s show at Nocturne where he performed hits from his On My Way mixtape, to Teddy opening up for MacMiller in July for like 5000 people, to Teddy opening up for Wiz Khalifa on September, then The Weeknd in London, ON, and then him closing off the year with his show OUTRO SUPERIOR at Sneaky Dee’s. What an amazing run!! I couldn’t be more proud of the fam, especially my sister Beetle Brit, aka April Management — TFHOUSE’s manager. They really did the ground work this year in order to prep themselves for what’s to come in 2012… and if my intuition is correct, it’s about to get reeeaaallll hectic.

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