A Word from ETERNIA

[Still shot: the gorgeous ETERNIA]

It’s been a minute, folks, pardon my in-and-out presence on the bloggy. School’s been gwannin’ hard these days and it’s borderline driving me nuts. Either way, I always have something to talk about/things from the Lovehard archives to share, and I thought posting up this snippet of Eternia would be totally fitting this week.

If you don’t know who this powerhouse of a woman is, lemme drop some science on ya. Ottawa born, Torontonian forever, now lives in Queens, NY, this emcee is nasty on the mic and shares messages of truth and vulnerability. She is someone who I feel really understands what it means to use her music as a voice for the voiceless and make a stand for those who haven’t quite found the strength to do so yet.

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A Word from MA DUKES

[Ma Dukes aka Dilla’s Mom]

A few weeks back during my reading break, my man DJ Nana hollered at me and asked me if I was down for being part of this very, very exciting weekend he was putting together for Ma Dukes, aka Dilla’s mom. It was one of those unknowingly amazing weekends that I never expected would unfold. In lieu of his birth/death anniversary, Nana along with a super dope team of peoples, organized a special screening of Suite For Ma Dukes — a short film about a composer who took some of Dilla’s best songs and had them performed by a 30 piece orchestra, with guest performances by D’Angelo, Bilal, Common, and De La Soul.

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JAMROCK: A Word from MAMA G.

Good vibes and bonfires, a smoking chalice and getting schooled on history, philosophy, and the Rastafarian way just seems like the everyday norm in the backyard of the band the Uprising Roots. My afternoon spent sucking on sugarcane and exchanging conversation with these individuals was more than a blessing. I will never forget this woman, Mama G, the exact same age as my own mother. Her presence exudes strength, courage, creativity and warmth. I will talk about her more in another post. For now, take this in…

A Word from MAMA G. from Char Loro on Vimeo.

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