The Nyph's Reply to the Shepherd

Like Raleigh’s response to Marlowe, I recently have come across a man with a query, no, more like a declaration, made with words so brilliantly and intentionally laid, to swoon me. They are words that have flattered me and moved me in such a way that it would be an offense to remain silent.
And so, be it forth, my Reply:


I steal beautiful moments.

Life a thief, a midnight marauder,
I plunder and I take
I invade
Those that are most precious to you
That which you hang onto
Your beautiful moments.

Looking up from my lens,
My eye reaches out
Tries to catch focus
He won’t stand steady
He won’t stand still.
He refuses to be

They say a picture can say a thousand words
But no glimpse in time that I can take
Couldreveal this feeling I just can’t
Off, Take off, I look side to side
and gather myself.
I look through the eye of my lens again and..


And for the first time, it is me that is caught
Red handed, I am
I am stripped from the black metal cold night I hide behind
And click.

20/20 Vision, I don’t need my 50mm for macro clarity
It is definite, and detailed, and clear to distinguish
That He

He weakens every limb on my body
All of which went form tense to relaxed
Like the thump in my heart went from minimum to max
And a sultry, jazzy melody begins to play from a sax
And all I see fitting in this frame
Is him
And me.
(And possibly, a few babies?)
I’m getting ahead of myself.

It’s a rule of thirds
And third time’s the charm
It didn’t take three tries
To make me weak in the heart.

His piercing dark eyes have me
locked and immobile
The graze of his nose
Moving up and through the contours
That my barber paved on the softest parts
of my


The words he whispers are stories untold
They are the secrets that are kept silent in
ventricles and atriums
Of a heart repressed
Of a heart now undressed

And he is brave and bold
To let his vulnerability reign through his breath
A wisdom beyond his years

There is no lens to hide in fear
Because for so long
It seemed I’ve almost forgotten
That I wanted to be the one to complete
A picture perfect.

Can be
Picture Perfect.

Dedicated to the particular gentleman who provoked me to respond. Thanks for the inspiration.

I’ve spoken my piece.



Spotlight: Rian Hamilton

Last Saturday was Miss Rian Hamilton’s 21st birthday and she went ALL OUT. Despite a few little unexpected mishaps that is natural for all birthday parties, we still had a wicked time because it was all about the wicked people there. Ya feel me?! I mean, let’s be honest, the last time Char was in a limo was high school graduation, and it felt preeeetyyy pimp rollin in a White Chrysler something-something limo. ESPECIALLY sippin’ on Moet on an empty stomache =/ Bad idea. Char + being Asian + empty stomache = getting drunk faster than ever. All in the name of looking good! We partied in Sauga that night (JFK’s for all my Saugan’s who knows whussup) and it was a suburban cultural experience. A.K.A. SAS RIACAL AUNTY G!!! Lol.

Strangely enough, no photos were taken of that evening… I guess it’s a super Vancouver asian girl thing to carry around point-and-shoots 24/7. Personally, I should really invest in a new one considering my old cybershot died earlier this year, and there is no way I have alcohol present with T.I. around. Prior to the party bonanza, I did, however, photograph the lovely Miss Rian just around the corner of my house at an empty parking lot. A very happy birthday to you, my love. =) Welcome to the best age in LIFE.

For full album, click here.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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was my ending word to describe my entire experience at the United Black Students Conference this past weekend. Not only is this one of my favorite words in the English dictionary, it is an act that I truly feel transcends beauty. Beauty speaks. Beauty invites. Beauty inspires and beauty is Powerful.

My week has been ridiculous. I’ve been pulling in long 14+hour days filled with projects, work, assignments, exams, the whole shebang. Amidst all this hoopla, I was asked to work this weekend filming as a videographer for the UBSR conference at my university. To be honest, I was way too busy to even contemplate what to expect from the weekend to come. It was a pleasant and beautiful surprise.

First of all, let’s talk about UBSR. Clubs day. King, who so happens to be black, had heard of a black students club at our school and wanted to look for their booth. I came along for the ride and listened to him converse with some of the representatives of the student group. All of a sudden, one deezed up, grilled up, football player of a man says to me, “You should join!” I look at him and say, “Me?! Really? Am I allowed?” Another guy steps in and says, “Yeah! Come to our meet-n-greet. You don’t have to be black to join.” Here I am, all froshed out and excited to meet new people at my new school, and these two fine black men are asking me to come join the United Black Students of Ryerson?! They must toooottaallly think I’m cute. And well… I love black boys. Chop, chop, chop, knaw mean?!?! I’m in.

From there, I met so many wonderful people, one of which was the president for this organization. I remember at a poetry event, it was the third time that I saw him, and I noticed something that was very unique about this individual. He exuded a courage that is so very rare and hard to come by. The ability for someone to allow themselves to be vulnerable and open to a large group of people is something that is extremely admirable in my books. I came up to him that night, looked him in the eyes, and told him he was a beautiful human. I did not even realize the gravity of that statement. Since I’ve met him, I’ve come to learn that he is the type of person who will support you when you don’t even know he’s doing it. By him asking me to cover the conference, I didn’t even realize that not only was he wanting to support my business and artistry, he wanted me to be part of something even greater.

Young, Black, and Gifted. Leaders and future leaders coming together and talking about real issues. It goes beyond what you’d typically assume: segregation, oppression, ignorance, racism. It was really about unity, support, education, motivation and developing the generations that will follow our footsteps. I, among a range of 30-50 people, was the only non-black person to be present at this conference. Not once did I even notice it. It was such a culturally enriching experience that I never want to forget. I feel privileged and humbled to be asked to have been there. It is incredible to feel so welcomed and a part of a community that is not my own. It feels even more amazing to be part of a legacy that will be lived on in the years to come.

I am infinitely thankful to the UBSR team. Fitz, Femi, Diandra, Zee, Eric, Chris, Shantae (sp?), Samuel, etc. I’m so glad to have met all of you. UBSR has a special place in my heart for life. To everyone I met at the conference, from the west (AB, whattup! Right near my hometown, BC.) to MTL, London, Windsor, Laurier, Scotia, ATL, and of course T.O… you are all so beautiful and I am in complete adoration of how strong, courageous and daring you all are. Real talks. Keep in touch. Lastly, Jerome, know that what transpired over the last three days all began from a vision that you dared to manifest. You are a visionary, a dreamer, and you inspire everyone around you. You are a beautiful human.

A video will be up within the next few weeks. Be patient with me as it is exam period and I am so, so, so backed up with footage that must be cut.

I leave you now with a few still shots from my footage shot over the weekend. The above picture summarizes what I’m sure everyone felt about this conference:

Beauty transcends. Love courageously. Lovehard.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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Makin' Fire

I’m in love.

Symptoms: stupid ugly grin from ear to ear, 1.5 hrs of sleep and still functioning, unrelenting energy to converse with no end, sharp and radiating pains from the left ventricle… elation.

And I thought being there in August was bomb. short weekend trip to New York City has come and gone. If there are any words I can use to summarize what took place, what I learned, who I encountered and what has been instilled in me, I can only quote this individual here, Zack, with his original lyric, “Makin’ Fire.”If there’s anything New York city does, and does well, it is this. We make fire.

The city is teeming with talent, energy, passion, ambition, hope, dreams, struggle, beautiful and courageous struggle. Every single human I have come across this trip was more than just ‘solid peoples’. There is an undeniable spark about them. Perhaps it’s because they’re all artists and visionaries of some shape or form, and we share that in common… but I truly believe that in a space filled with aspiring and brilliant minds, and loving and wholesome spirits, magic happens. Great things are produced, art is created. There is just something about people in their elements when they come fully alive that shakes me to my core. It re-lights something in me and reminds me who I’m striving to be.

It is the greatness in you, that makes me great. Don’t you see? We strive to be better, amazing… because we are doing it for someone else. We are doing it so that others may discover the greatness in themselves, too.

Some love:

Old Money MassiveThe Old Money crew. Andre. Not only is he good for music, logistics and holding coffee trays, he’s the type of compassionate dude who always wants to make sure you’re good. It feels nice to be taken care of. He spits fire. Even though it takes me awhile to actually decipher what he’s saying, lol, he spits it with such intensity you can’t help but be drawn in. Shaun. We Scheme ideas. The man thinks. If music doesn’t work out for him, well then, you’ll be sure to find him in motion pictures. He’s really good at that jittery, turrets, crazy-guy stuff. The combination of him and Dre is a duo that will have you on your feet for hours. These two exude such genuine, good vibes. They make you want to be around them ALL the time. And lastly, Konrad. He’s an asshole. The sternest Polish mother f*cker I ever knew. If there’s anything I can thank him for, it’s for preventing me from yakking in the NYC subway. His harsh European ways are that of a jerk, and well, much to your surprise, a man I actually highly respect. He’s good at what he does. He sh*ts melodies and beats out of his ass like he has diarrhea all day err’day. He has established himself as a music producer with a style unlike anyone I have ever heard. If you want to work with this man, you gotta come through, and come through hard.

UDUB. Whattup.And then there’s Zack, Kon’s brother. The owner of the comfiest couch I ever slept on. He folded my scarf (in three parts) and laid it upon my pillow. I was tempted to ask for a mint… or a towel folded into a swan. A passionate writer, he breathes life into words, and paints colors with language. He’s also a ridiculous rapper. I witnessed him and Konrad produce a song in a matter of minutes, one that I cannot get out of my head for the likes of me. I am dying to hear it finished and completed. All you need to know, is that they be Makin’ Fire.

Some more love to UDUB! Urban Word, an unstoppable force of young poets, moving minds, and outspoken, truthful voices. I spent an afternoon recording and listening to these young hearts share their most personal experiences, thoughts, and emotions from the scribbles on their notebooks, text on their blackberries and from the depths of their minds. It was a unique and beautiful energy to be surrounded in. (Stay posted for footage of cipher circles and their poetry.)

Mad LOVE to you all. Thanks for blessing me. You make my heart full. Love and love. And what I mean by that is, I love, and You be Loved. =)

[for full album, click here.]

With that, I leave you with these: A few still shots of what you can expect to see in the coming week or two. This music video was amazing to shoot. Although we filmed until we could move no more, I have so much faith that the end result will surprise us all. Just you wait. These fingers are itching to bring those pictures to life.

Stay tuned.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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Mysteriously Absent

I’ve been silent. Not by choice, more life time convenience. I haven’t had a serious moment to sit down and write, edit, post, and share. For good reasons.

I am currently on a bus coming home from New York City. As previously announced, Old Money is the reason I came down here. What took place this past weekend is more than I could have ever imagined.

And yes, for now, I’ll leave you hanging on that note.

Writing on a bus at three in the morning also equals the higher chance of me experience motion sickness if I continue doing so.

You’ll hear of my adventures tomorrow.

Stay posted…


I wonder if you know, how they live in Tokyo…

They just left.

“He looks like an asian banker.” – Red
“I hope you know we’re comin back with soooo much dough for you guys from Tokyo.” – Vince
“Oh my god, I’m not going to hang out with another male for the next twelve DAYS!” – Char
“I’m just going to have to become a lesbian until you return.” – Jen
“I need to give you another hug, I love you ladies.” – Teddy
“Oh my goodness, I wish I had a horn right now (to sound off their departure).” – Brit

And there they were.
All excited and giddy, jumping into their little red vehicle that would drive them to the airport where a plane to Tokyo awaits. Cool Justice and Teddy F House about to embark to Japan for no better reason than to hang out, be inspired, and make some crazy ass raw music videos. Creep Teddy for some of his tunes. The man remains behind closed doors for now, but trust me and my taste, he is a musical genius. I once had a moment of listening to his music and instantly called him simply because I just wanted to be in his presence. He inspires me.

We stood at our porch, three bright eyed girls fresh from slumber. We watched as they drove away and finally turned to close the door. We envied what they felt at that moment. There is something about stepping onto a plane that gives you a feeling of rush and wonder. It’s always this feeling of, “What next?” Because the next time you set foot on that plane to return… guaranteed, you are not the same as you were.

I am fortunate enough to say I’ve felt this multiple times and I am guaranteed that I will feel it a hundred times more.

To my boys for life, Teddy, Vince, Red… I love you all individually so much. You know how I feel about you.
And that says a lot. 😉

Until next time.
I’ve spoken my piece.

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