Lovehard presents: Benny Blue Diamond

[Benny Blue Diamond, Kingston, JA]

Walking up the concrete driveway to where the Film Festival was being held, my eyes tried to quickly adjust to the dimness of the night. The warm evening air in the middle of October was a beautiful escape from Toronto’s crisp cold fall and approaching winter. I tied my hair into a loose bun, hoping that the extra coverage off my back would prevent it from sweating so much. Either way, as uncomfortable as I was with being hot and sticky, who am I to really complain about being in Jamaica? I could deal.

The large group of people I just hopped off the van with started to make their way towards the back of the museum where the event was being held. Still in a trance from the activities taking place earlier that afternoon, I overheard a guitar playing charming plucks and melodies. Approaching the driveway, there on the steps in front of a big red door, sat two Rasta-men, one on the guitar, and another taking up percussion with a maraca. I felt like I was being compelled by the Pied Piper, and walked over without hesitation. I introduced myself to the two gentlemen who had me in a trance — Benny and Hado, then proceeded to take out my camera and began to film.

The video you will see below is a result of this spontaneous and what I believe was a very spiritual encounter, with these two beautiful energies. Speaking to them after, I learned they were two nomad Rastafarian, doing yoga, massage therapy and healing workshops, playing music, and traveling wherever they felt they were meant to go. For a moment I let my mind wander to a life of Char with dreads, roaming the beautiful island of Jamaica and letting the Universe be my guide. It was tempting.

We sat there for what felt like hours, talking, reasoning, connecting on the realness of Life, Love, the Universe, Consciousness. The energy was unreal. It wasn’t until later… looking through my autobiographical book of Bob Marley’s life, that I came to see a photograph of Bob, sitting on his front steps reasoning with his dearest friends, in front of the big red door to his home… It is no wonder I experienced such a surreal energy. Little did I know I was pon di front steps of Bob Marley’s house! What?!


Here is the video of Benny and Hado. The title of this song is “Mental Images” and how Benny has the stamina to perform it like this is beyond me. This is the rawest and most inspired takeaway show I have ever done. If you feel me on this one, take it in.

I’ve spoken my piece.

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