The Love Affair: KG

After leading a workshop out at Kapisanan in Kensington Market, I left the freshly rained upon concrete in search for a place for food and comfort. Texting KG, the fourth artist who I had to do an artist profile on for The Love Affair, I hurried towards Spadina, the heart of Chinatown, with my mouth already watering for pork and dill dumplings.

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The Love Affair: Smash Brovas

“We’re goin’ on the rooftop,” was all Junia said to me in a quick BBM as I biked my way towards the location we were meeting up. There are some people who just aren’t very explanatory via cellphone messaging means, and Junia is definitely one of them, lol. I arrived at the bottom of the apartment complex and grabbed an elevator heading towards the 6th floor. Already laughing as Junia let me into his friend Addy’s apartment, I saw him, Crooks, and Addy sprawled about the living room, lazin’ to whatever was playing on the flat screen TV.

My obsession with raising my roof top chillage count was upped not by just one roof, but one particular rooftop that had the illest patio and lounging furniture, with the view of the CN tower and Nathan Phillips directly in front of us.

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Channel your Energy

it makes you feel like a boss.

Energy can never be destroyed — it is only transferred and transformed. So when you feel negative, when you feel sad, angry, hurt… channel that energy into things that will transform it into something good, something positive. We already know what happens when we project that pain onto others — we destroy relationships, we wound ourselves. We can’t afford to do that anymore. We can’t afford to inflict anymore scars upon ourselves, or anyone else for that matter.

Transfer that energy and channel it into doing something great. Master your artistry, write a song, paint a picture, doodle to your heart’s content. Listen to music, read a book, go for a run, do yoga. Get it off your chest.

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The Love Affair: The Vibonics

I crossed the grassy knoll in search for a group of dudes lazing around with acoustic guitars; kinda difficult to spot at Bellevue Square in Kensington Market where that could easily be the norm. Towards the east end of the park sat a group of four guys — Alborz, Chris, Gubbie and Alfred, also known as The Vibonics. A combination of funk and alternative hip hop, this quartet of Seneca music students all found each other at their establishment of higher education. What I’ve coined as the “D2 Mighty Ducks Concept”, in which a collaboration is formed — the amalgamation of the best of the besterest is put together to contribute their master skills and talents to create a SUPER FORCE, is one of the best ways to describe The Vibonics. Chris on keys, Gubbie on bass, Alfred on guitar, (Caesar on drums) and Alborz spittin on the mic, The Vibonics give off the rawness that of The Roots but with a funky silly soul like they just stepped off the Double Dutch bus.

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Somewhere in Between

Always somewhere in between. That’s where we constantly all are, eh? We are either just beginning something new, ending something else, while still being in the middle of something. We celebrate our successes while we brace ourselves for what’s to come, all the while somewhat grieving… hmmm, no, that’s not the right word… transitioning? building? moulding? re-shaping? re-adjusting? … Somewhere along the lines of all those words’ meanings… all the while somewhat [choose your choice of word here] of what’s currently happening now.

Summer is coming to an end, a new school year is about to begin, and I’m still thriving off the accomplishments and blessings of these past couple of months.

This summer has been so good to me, as I have been to it. I complain about how I haven’t stopped moving, but let’s get real here, I get bored real quick. I complain about how tired I am, but let’s be honest, I’m not sleepin. I burn out only to get right back into it.

This is the hustle that I love, and even when I feel sad, get mad, or get irritated because of what also comes with choosing this path… it all becomes worth it. It’s ALWAYS worth it.

Head up and keep up. We can all get there one day.

I’ve spoken my piece.


untitled thought #29 – RSS FEED

— I’ve been asked a lot recently how to add my blog site onto an RSS feed (such as Apple Mail). If you are wanting to add this site onto your RSS feed, use this link: and if you are wanting an email subscription… hang tight as I set that up for you all very, very soon.


The Love Affair: Made Wade

I stepped off the bus and found myself in a completely unfamiliar area. I never venture off to the west, so to find myself on Dundas West and Runnymede felt like it had been a journey and a half to get there. Taking the wrong bus, I picked up my phone and dialed Wade’s number to confirm the exact location we were meeting. After another bus westward, I ended up on this street corner where a locally owned Shawarma pita joint was situated.

“Heey, oh hold on a second, yeah, I see you.” Said a soothing rhythmic voice over the phone. Sure enough, from an alleyway behind Mr. Pita emerged a half-smiling Wade, with piercing and intriguing eyes, modestly clad in a loose fitted cotton Tee and shorts.

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LA LA LAND Pt. 3 : Homeward bound

[T.O. fam meets Vancity fam]

Our last day in California needed some much deserved sun time. Instead of us traveling 3 hours via train and bus to the coast, we decided to make the most of our time by lazing by the Hilton poolside until it was time to catch out flight at LAX. This was probably the most relaxing time we had the entire trip… the Granby Girls + Jim Jam + beach/pool and sun = NO bickering and ALL lovin. Lol.

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LA LA LAND Pt. 2 : Rock the Bells

[Jim Jam, Me and Beetle Jenn]

Waking up at our cute little Best Western in the heart of Chinatown was like a brand new start. All our irritances from the day before had disappated and the thought of continental breakfast with pre-conceived wishes into the universe for Belgian waffles made our morning. We got ready and walked to Union Station to grab the Metrolink train into San Bernadino where Rock the Bells was being held that day.

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Oh man. Exhaustion to the tenth power. It’s funny when you travel, especially over a weekend, sometimes it feels like soooo much time has passed only because you’ve done A LOT in such a short amount of time. In the last 4 days I’ve ridden on 4 planes, 4 trains, 4 busses and two cars… Woow.

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