Happy Birfday Angie-ahhh

To some, it is but another day — one will wake up, go about their memorized motions, and carry on as if it were any other. A quarter century stands for more than just a good sounding number, it marks a change, if you will it to be so. Put on the armor of Readiness and equip yourself for what’s to come. What was past and all that it encompassed, has prepared you for this very moment — Right Now. There is no turning back, there are no repeats, and definitely… no second chances. Every moment counts. Even the moments with brick walls, fire breathing dragons, and 5 pound hailstorms. Let me tell you something — your resilience, your strength, and your courage has never left you, even during the times when you felt abandoned. You were never alone, because you were always with You. Something great is about to come swooping down and if you doubt it, don’t believe it’s for you, or you try to jump out of the way… Think Again. Run with it, chase after it, because my Love, it is Yours for the Taking.

[Mothers Dumprings, if ya dun kno]


[Photo hero]

[Birthday wishes]

More to come soon.

Je t’adore, ma soeur.


  1. ang said,

    03/22/2011 @ 1:54 am

    <3. thanks charrrr. thx for the kind words and post. LOVE.

  2. Noush said,

    03/27/2011 @ 3:04 am

    Awwww FAM. Love it….I was there….you ate me. Dumplings mmmmmMMMMM. Happy Birthday sista Angie. Awesome post Char. I felt it. That thing. LOVE. Damn.

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