Oh, oops, sahhhhrrrrryyy. I just can’t help that these look SO FRICKIN GOOOD!!!! Giles Monette X Lovehard = the Lovehard Monsty, baby. YUP.

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[TFHOUSE, beeeeeeeeetch]

Upon high demand from Teddy’s loyal followers, he put on a show performing some of his songs from his mixtape he released last summer, as well as gave everyone something to get hyped up for with his upcoming album Superior Taste, that’s bout to drop in 2 weeks. His songs he performed with Dana definitely showed everyone what he’s been in the studio for, something that defies what everyone thought TFHouse was about. Prior to gracing the stage with his signature dance moves and undeniable presence, Teddy had MONEY BOXX from Tokyo open up for him (who knew rapping in japanese would be so friggin’ mind blasting), as well as ANTZ ONE, a skater-rapper also featured with the Granby Girls in TFHouse’s music video for On My Way. ┬áNocturne was bumpin, a really cool venue (minus the wack chick bartender who wouldn’t serve me, WACK.) At the end of the night, our fam went out to New Ho King for a whole bunch of “Cheers”ing to a successful night, that Teddy sucks and may never rock a show ever again. =D

Here are the flicks from that night:

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Steppin’ Out by DJ MENSA x DJ ROYALE

Yeeeeeeuppp. You know how my ears love me some Mensa and Royale. Two of some high-rated, and highly respected DJ’s in this city. The concept of this mixtape I couldn’t love more — creative cats who like to give you more than you’re average joe “old school mix”.

As quoted by Mensa:

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I’m Obsessed.

[Barcelona, Spain]

At some point in time, from some place that I have no idea, someone down my line of heritage came from this country. Part of me wonders if he was from Barcelona… wouldn’t that be cool? Maybe one day I’ll put together the pieces… but man, how I have been obsessing over this city lately. Sigh. Someone throw some fad wads of bills in my face. Fund a trip that will allow me to explore my creativity, and a culture that has so greatly influenced the one I was born into.


Untitled thought #58

— And it’s around this time every year that I start to feel frustrated… No warm. No sun. No nature. Same environment. And then I do this thing… where I like to search up flights and figure out how could I attain such money in x amount of time and realize there’s no way I can afford it. Today I researched Barcelona. I’ve been dreaming about that place a lot lately… Sigh.


Lovehard presents LINCOLN BLACHE

[inspired by one of my fave photographers — Angie Choi,I spent the last 2 hours playing on photoshop with Lincoln’s photos]

About a month ago, I received an email from a woman named Sharob who asked me if I was interested in doing some viral marketing videos for an artist she managed named Lincoln Blache. At the time, I was swamped with a 6 course load of school work and really wasn’t looking into taking on too many Lovehard projects. To be completely honest, I was preettyyy sure I was going to say no, but one rule of business I made for myself is that I never want to give a solid No until I am able to meet an artist and make a connection with them. I’m a strong believer that if real connections are established, it’s only a matter of time before they’re able to strengthen.

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TFHouse at Nocturne TOMORROW!

TFHouse, aka one of my most beloved friends, a huge support to me and someone I believe in to no end, has a show tomorrow at Nocturne on Queen West. He’ll be performing his songs from his mixtape he released last summer — On My Way, as well as give you a few sneak peak tracks from his upcoming album — Superior Taste. I’ve heard these songs from when they were just lyrics on Text Edit straight to rough cuts and full production…. MAN, Teddy has just grown exponentially over the last couple of months — as a producer, rapper, and even as my best friend. LOL. After 2 crashed hard drives, a stolen identity, and lots of crazy ish he’s had to jump over in order to get where he is right now, all I can say is, the Man breaks through brick walls. Unstoppable.

Reach tomorrow night!

Click HERE for full facebook details.


Untitled thought #57

— Bare with me. I shot an all day conference, a wicked hip hop party, a surprise visit from old Montreal friends, spent time shooting Ma Dukes aka J Dilla’s mom, and now trying to catch up on edits. Life’s crazy, yo! And it’s reading break. NO BREAK… and I NEED to be reading!!!


Untitled thought #56

— Reunited. Old friends and friends who I’ve forgotten make me feel so good. MTL and GMF. This is what I need right now.



Understanding only takes place when ears, eyes, and heart are open to hearing, seeing and believing. I think it’s one of the most beautiful things that can take place between individuals… it creates unity, peace, and strengthens Love. Unfortunately, understanding can be extremely difficult to come by. How do you convince ears to listen? How do you convince eyes to see you for You? How do you open a heart that’s closed off to receiving or giving? These are things we can’t force, things that are out of our control. It is energy wasted that you must put into Loving Yourself. I guess the only thing we can do is practice understanding. Practice being open-minded, willing to listen, humble to acknowledge. I think of the many ways I am misunderstood and can only do nothing but Be Me. I am not perfect, I will make mistakes, but I will practice learning, constantly learning, in order to grow, transform and continue to Love.

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