Take a chance on ME.

I sit here and I listen to myself make excuses about WHY I can’t do what I actually want to do that would make me incredibly happy… and the reasons are lame. So ridiculously lame that I want to puke. We all do it. “My job. My money. My boyfriend. My girlfriend. I’m waiting on this to lock down and THEN I can…”


Waiting?! REALLY?!

Sometimes, you gotta take a huge gamble and let go of “waiting”. You gotta TAKE CHARGE of your life, make decisions that are going to leave you extremely vulnerable, and leave the door wide open for Opportunity. And this time, I’m not talking about Opportunities for YOU to jump on. I’m talking about the Opportunity the world can take on YOU.

I’ve realized there’s no such thing as “just doing enough” with me. I thought that’s what I wanted, but let’s be honest here, I can’t do it if it’s not inspiring, progressive, challenging and if it won’t push me to my limits. That’s lame, lame, lame and the easy way out. It actually, harbors negative energy in me that I don’t want. I CAN’T afford to have.

I’m sorry, I’m drastic and I’m epic. I do it for the thrill, I do it because I HAVE to, and I do it because you need to know it’s possible for you too. TAKE. CHARGE. This is your life, and YOU need to work it. Nobody and nothing else.

I pray I live the rest of my life this way, making spontaneous crazy decisions ceasing every moment. World, take a chance on ME.

I’ve spoken my piece.

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Last night my best friend/life partner/sister aka Beetle put together a video (that I didn’t even do one lick to help her out with) composed of all her Mother’s footage growing up as a child, up until she herself was growing up, as a present to her mother who is making some life-changing decisions right now. The presentation of the video had everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the room in tears. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Mom aka Mama Beet (LOL) is the epitome of the word Courageous. She is on the verge of something drastically new. She is leaving everything behind to begin another new chapter in her life. Somewhere warm. Somewhere beautiful. And Somewhere full of opportunity. I can’t be more happy or more supportive about this decision. She is a living testament to all of us that it’s NEVER too late, no matter how old you are, how many children you’ve had, what you’ve been through in life, your assets, your education, NOTHINGit’s never too late to wake up and be conscious to manifesting your dreams. Even if it’s not as clear cut in your mind as you see it… Making the first moves towards what you know is truth in your gut, I swear to you, I PROMISE you… the universe will fall into place just to assure you that what you’re doing is your destiny.

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a Boycott on STUDYING

… Just joking, Mom.

Ugh. Studying is absolutely boring. Give me a video to cut. Give me a screenplay to write. But to sit for hours reading over terminology and preparing as much as what’s possible for an Engrrish exam? Summer is around the corner and the weather is glorious. Sinthuja is like a new born puppy that wants all my attention! Of COURSE I don’t want to do this…

(After this, it’s Broadcast History on my plate. Let’s not talk about it.)

Amidst all that, the week is looking pretty eventful. Tomorrow we’ve got a 4:21 FIND YOUR ONE BACHELOR/ETTE AUCTION at VIP Billiards. My homegirl from school, Brit, a fellow BC native, is running for Miss World Canada 2010, and is hosting a charity event for Variety the Children’s Charity. And who’s the most eligible Bachelorette that ya’ll know and love? Lol. Yep. I shall be put up for auction tomorrow evening. So if you are down for good time, are single and wanting to bid on some wonderful human beings, there will be quite the list of wicked Dudes and Dudettes tomorrow. Come, chill! Brit was also on CHUM FM last weekend promoting the event, so it should be pretty awesome. The proceeds are also going to be matched, TWICE, by Sheldon Levy, the president of Ryerson, and the owner of VIP Billiards on Yonge and Gerrard St, where the event is being hosted.

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Sinthuja: The Next Generation

Uh huh… Yeah? Well, I got mahself a motha effin summa g-riiiide. What’s it to ya?!?

I’ve been talking about it all week. Multiple times with multiple people… and sometimes to the same people I forgot I told once before. ALLZ IM SAYINZ IS… The search is long over. No more Craigslist creeping to distract me from studying. No more hoping and praying for a sweet little ride to cater to my 5-feet wonder of a body… NO MORE, I TELL YOU!! I can’t tell you enough how difficult it was (in only the one week of patience-less searching) to find a bike that fit my criterion of a summer time vehicle.

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Finally! Of the five million places/events Char’s been running around Toronto to attend, I’ve lacked the time and energy to post something about it. Tonight I’ve got a minute before I run off to TABULA RASSA‘s Official Launch Party. A New Vintage/Consignment and Designer clothing store that just opened up on Broadview and Danforth is all the rage with the Vintage community here in T.O. My homegirl Angie who used to work with me at my previous employment at the Lu told me about her sister Jen, who is a designer and the founder of Tabula Rassa. I’m looking forward to it and perhaps finding some new items to add to my summer wardrobe… *Char looks at her bank account* Sigh… eaassy girl.

Last night I had the honor to drop in at the Jouissance exhibit at the Great Hall; an event showcasing the launch of Melissa Clemente’s designs for Fall/Winter collection. She also collaborated with various local Toronto artists to exhibit art installations that centralized around her theme: Jouissance.

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You’ve heard me write about this man hundreds of times. He is one hell of a funny guy, an extremely talented DJ, and a great friend. I don’t know where I’d be in Toronto without him.

We’ve been working on this for a few months now, filming, compiling footage, and cutting numerous edits (perfectionists, right down to avant garde font.)

A snapshot video for his press kit… let’s just say that wherever this man brings his decks, there’s bound to be a party.

World, I present to you… DJ MENSA.

DJ MENSA EPK from Char Loro on Vimeo.


I’ve spoken my piece.


Wonder Woman.

One day I hope to have a daughter.

I want to raise her to love herself, first and foremost. I want to affirm in her all the things that are undoubtedly true: that she is beautiful, she is captivating, she is strong and she can do anything. I want to tell her to be courageous in the times she’s most afraid, I want to tell her to always speak with candor and say what’s on her heart. I want her to know that she has the ability to create real positive change, with the start of one thought. I want to push her to her limits so she can discover that it’s possible. Everything is possible.

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Don’t you hate that annoying “beeeep… beeeep… beeeep…” you hear every time you’re trying to get through to someone’s phone line? You got your thumb twitchin’ to hit the Call button every 2 minutes in hopes that the line will clear soon. Yeah, well… that’s just how crazy this life I live is right now. An ongoing, incessant busy signal that will not stop beeping until… hoooppefullly… April 13th.

Since Quebec City weekend extravaganza, I somehow managed to do the following:

And in the coming week I will have to break every bone in my body in order to complete the following:

  • an english essay, a broadcast history paper, a script treatment
  • final efp video piece
  • Mass Exodus fashion show
  • Mass Exodus press show
  • final jobspot video piece
  • media tech theory exam

Cooooool. I have sooo much footage/pics that I want to post/blog about and things have been fast-paced and exciting over the last while that I haven’t gotten a chance to do ANYTHING. Bear with me, please.

Here’s a little eye candy before I dip. Mayer Hawthorne. Need I say more?

I’ve spoken my piece. Peace!

(and to those who have received the busy-signal from me lately, take no offense! Leave me a message through any medium and I will return your wonderful hellos! Promise!)