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[Still shot: the gorgeous ETERNIA]

It’s been a minute, folks, pardon my in-and-out presence on the bloggy. School’s been gwannin’ hard these days and it’s borderline driving me nuts. Either way, I always have something to talk about/things from the Lovehard archives to share, and I thought posting up this snippet of Eternia would be totally fitting this week.

If you don’t know who this powerhouse of a woman is, lemme drop some science on ya. Ottawa born, Torontonian forever, now lives in Queens, NY, this emcee is nasty on the mic and shares messages of truth and vulnerability. She is someone who I feel really understands what it means to use her music as a voice for the voiceless and make a stand for those who haven’t quite found the strength to do so yet.

I’ve always heard about her through my friends here in the city, but the first time I ever met her in person was during Crazy Legs’ Lunch Breaks show during the Manifesto Festival last year. She lit up the mic with this crazy freestyle that had me floored. I ran into her again most recently during the L.I.V.E. Hip Hop Festival during Ernie Paniccioli’s lecture and had to do a double take since she chopped off all her curly locks and decided to go redhead. GORGEOUS.

Below is a video snippet I got of her talking about what Lovehard means to her. Check:

Two weeks ago, Eternia dropped this music video for her song, “To The Future” which is a song she dedicated to her future husband, talking about all the skeletons in her closet that she felt he should know. She talks about her experiences with rape, abortion, and violence. This song moved me so much that I had to post the article written about her in NOW Magazine on my Legendary Wall.

Here’s the music video below.

Follow Eternia on her tumblr HERE, where you can also find all the links to her facebook, twitter, and music.

MAD LOVE, Eternia! Keep doin’ your thing, Mama. You’re an inspiration to us women all over the world…

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  1. ernie paniccioli said,

    04/03/2011 @ 11:37 pm

    Peace, Saw your video, posted it on my FB page. RESPECT, nah, MAJOR RESPECT Major Props. Keep telling the truth, that’s all we have Peace, Ernie

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