Put’cha on Blast: Femi “Bullet” Lawson

[Bullet F Lawson with LaToya Forever, hosting 106 & York festival]

Meet Femi Lawson. You either love him or love to hate him. LOL. But… if you really know who Femi is behind all his stupid jokes and swagged out attire… then you can’t deny he’s one heck of a solid dude. Femi is one of the most charismatic people I’ve ever met — he makes friends with anybody and everybody, is involved in so many different campus and community programs, and runs a business with his friend Dukey Dukez called High Class. Throwing parties in the Toronto nightiming scene (Star Struck), as well as doing media arts based programming in the community, High Class does it all. Femi has been someone who’s supported me in everything from the first day I met him on campus (when I tried to pick him up, achem. LOL), and he will boost my name at every opportunity. I have much respect for his passion for the community, and his charm to woo a crowd at any occasion (hire this guy as your emcee for an event. Best Master of Ceremonies I know!) Oh, btw… he’s a Youtube Star! LOL. Love you, Femi. Now stop driving the ladies crraaazzyyy!

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A Word from MA DUKES

[Ma Dukes aka Dilla’s Mom]

A few weeks back during my reading break, my man DJ Nana hollered at me and asked me if I was down for being part of this very, very exciting weekend he was putting together for Ma Dukes, aka Dilla’s mom. It was one of those unknowingly amazing weekends that I never expected would unfold. In lieu of his birth/death anniversary, Nana along with a super dope team of peoples, organized a special screening of Suite For Ma Dukes — a short film about a composer who took some of Dilla’s best songs and had them performed by a 30 piece orchestra, with guest performances by D’Angelo, Bilal, Common, and De La Soul.

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The Fundamentals: This Friday!

This Friday, March 18th, The Fundamentals returns at Augusta House, this time with special guest DJ’s Sweet Touch Foundation (Finnaaally, Paul, Rick! It’s been a minute), along with resident DJ’s Big Jacks and Mensa, myyyyy peoples! Hosted by Bozack Morris of Black-Rap and Lambert Leander of Classe Nouveau, with the drunken-yet-artistic-never-break-my-camera-knock-on-wood photography by yours truly.  We be bringin’ you the fundamentals in hip hop, cheap shots and drinks, and the chillin’ illin’ vibe that Kensington Market provides. Augusta House will be bumpin. Shouts to my girl and photography hero, Angie Choi, of EYEKAHFOTO, who will be jammin’ out on her Bornday this Friday! Bom bom bom!

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Lovehard x Giles Monette

[My Christmas present from Giles, paper toy monster Squitter]

You may or may not have seen this white man, constantly frequenting various art shows, hip hop parties, and always… always dressed to impress. He’s truly a ninja of all forms — weaving in and out of different cultural niches of this city, while keeping up an ambiguous identity that leaves you curious of his mystery. Giles Monette is either a name well-known or a face you swear you’ve seen around before. Chances are, you aren’t wrong about that assumption. Most people wonder what Giles is all about, but the truth is, Giles is about a lot of things. He is a maven of knowledge when it comes to all things music, arts, and culture related. He’s introduced me to so many restaurants, parties, coffee shops, and biking short cuts that I owe most of my downtown savvy to this man. More than that, he has become one of my dearest friends, a mentor, and someone I always turn to for advice.

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Who YOU are.

I guess this is something that is a life long journey of discovery, shaped by the choices we make, the things we say, and especially, the thoughts that consume our Minds. Let us not underestimate the ability of manifestation that is held in a single most powerful Thought. What do you eat? Who do you surround yourself with? What do you think about when you’re left alone in the confines of your mind? Where do you spend most of your time? Why? What draws you there, what motivates your living, what influences your actions? What is the content of your conversations? What do you love talking about? Hate talking about? How do you groom, take care, and adorn your physical self? Why? How does it make you feel? How do you take care of your mental and emotional health? How do others perceive you? How does that affect you? How do you view yourself? How do you express yourself, what’s your outlet? How do you make your Voice heard?

I ask all these questions because  the answers should make you reflect on who You currently are, and to say, “This is who I am”, is not excusing you from the fact that your choices have helped create this. The choices you will continue to make in your future, you must Be Conscious of. Be intentional. Be someone you’re proud of, someone you Love, or learn to Love.

Tap into your personal Power that you alone possess. Nobody can take that energy away from you if you stand strong and rooted in Who You Know You Are. Understand that despite sometimes the negative influences, you have the capability to shape your surroundings with the energy you carry. You Can Do This. A revolution needs to take place, a shift in human consciousness, and the advantage of being in a position of power should not consume you so that you get lost in that Power. You must use it to empower everyone around you.

My purpose is becoming clearer and clearer to me as I invest my energy into it’s discovery. Perhaps the resources and the path in which I’ll get there is not defined quite yet, but my intent and my motivation is so vivid in my mind that I know it will drive the decisions I make from here on in. If you are reading this, even if I may not know you, hold me accountable, help me stay rooted, connected. We all need to do this for each other.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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Wake Up, World.

I woke up this morning receiving a message from a friend of mine telling me he dreamt of an earthquake, and woke up panicking. Normally I’d look at my phone and tell him to calm down and life’s all good… had it been just anybody. I was curious. I got up to find out about the earthquake tsunami hitting Japan today, and about the warnings for the West coast of the United States. Every month, multiple times a month, all year. Philippines. Haiti. Chile. Indonesia. India. And the list goes on. A total estimate of 250 000 fatalities in the year of 2010. This shouldn’t sound so dramatically eccentric, especially considering the advancements in technology and being able to detect earthquakes, measure them, and record their data. Our plates never stop shifting, this shouldn’t be anything new.

But it is phenomenal. The effects are devastating. And we are acting blind to the real implications here, heck, we’re playing ‘dumb-guy’ to a lot of things happening on our planet. There is a shift in human consciousness occurring, and if you’re not seeing this, then you need to see this now.

Everything is connected. The astronomical rates at which technology is advancing. The brainwashing society we live in for consumption, capitalism, our distraction with what we actually need is blinded by unnecessary wants. We aren’t taking care of ourselves. We eat genetically modified foods that contribute to the chances of us dying of cancer one day. We are ruled by Corporations which is the modern-day Church. Instead, we are handed beautiful things like iPads, Macs, cell phones, sweat-shopped made clothes, and we are so amused. So easily amused that we tune out what’s happening on the rest of this planet. Canada is negotiating a deal to give up our beautiful boreal forests in order to extract more oil, create sulfuric wastes, dead land, in order to feed into our ever-increasing consumption rates. Don’t you see? We’ve reached our peak of resources. We’ve BEEN declining. We can’t do anything but slow down the inevitable… which is us destroying ourselves.

As children of this earth, inhabitants of this planet, and an integral part of this Universe, what we do, what we say, what we think… does not affect just us. Our energies are of one source. We try and steal it from others, trying to temporarily empower ourselves  and make others weak. A Power struggle. A Power greediness. Even straight down to the privatization of our water.

Don’t you get it? The Universe is responding. Who do we think we are, thinking we can dump waste into our water, and then try and charge our own people to drink it?? I say WE because WE all have a hand in this, WE all have a say, if we claim it. Not everything can be blamed on the bad guys, the Corporations, our Government, the people in power. We buy into this crap, we turn the blind eye, because our life is “good” and nothing has affected us directly… yet.

What do we do? I look at this and feel so overwhelmed, so disappointed in our people. Everything feels hopeless.

I think it begins with you, the individual. COME INTO CONSCIOUSNESS. Become aware. Help others become aware. Make conscious decisions. Make a drastic change in what you eat, who you buy your food from, where you buy your clothes from, how much you consume, how you take care of yourselves, what you read, what music you listen to, what you watch on TV, your laptops, how you take care of nature, our forests, our water, our Earth.

Like I said… a shift of human consciousness is occurring. The Universe is responding to how we’ve been sleeping, and that is simply, by shaking us up to awake.

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Put’cha on Blast: Rose R.

[Rose R., Vancity, bup bup!]

I’ve decided to dedicate some posts on blasting people who rep Lovehard, rock Lovehard, and well… friggin’ Lovehard. Ya feel me?! Meet Rose — a blogger, event writer for Justalilhype magazine, and a super fly-ass stylista. I admire this chica’s accessory collection too much. (Bigger bling, the better, lol.) If you’re ever Vancity and roaming the Gastown front, you might be able to spot her swaggin’ out, no doubt. Mad Love, Rose!


The Main Ingredient hosted by Janelle Monae!!

In lieu of Canadian Music Week, this month’s Main Ingredient is putting on two wicked music groups — Art of Fresh and The Lytics, whom I’m currently taking in right now. Art of Fresh with Toronto’s D.O. and Slakah the Beatchild, these guys give it to us with ‘hip-house’…. aka I LOVE IT. Take in this track right now — Get Free. If that doesn’t make you dance, then you’ve got wooden legs, bro. Shouts to homegirl Marina who’s the sexy half russian half korean dancer with D.O! The Lytics, hailing from Peg-City, take more of a hip-hop approach with some seriously quality lyrics (thank god). I particularly am vibing this chune — Last Bit. As if those dudes aren’t exciting enough, hosting alongside our beloved Wan Luv is JANELLE MONAE. BAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! She’s so 9340jfklajfkl ejiaowe; fioaw GOOD. Holy. Makes me so excited. I mean, look at this video — Many Moons. This song and visual accompaniment are so impressive it blows my brain balls. “You’re free but in your mind, your freedom’s in a bind.” OKAY, Janelle. YOU’RE cool.

Anyways… MY POINT IS… why wouldn’t you come? Ohhh… because the weather is still winter and it’s making everyone so frustrated? Dance it off, bro.

Saturday. You’re there.

Or You’re not.

I’m indifferent.

But You?

Could feel like you missed out on LIFE.

(Char’s crazy.)

Facebook invite HERE.

I’ve spoken my piece. Peace!


Untitled thought #61

— And for the longest time I knew that while I wait, I shall master my craft. I will wait upon that person that shall complement my weaknesses and strengthen my strengths. Like two super nova energies coming together, the power we have to create, move, make, shake… is unstoppable, irreversible, and seriously… freaking unbelievable. (I still don’t believe it.) I’m in, if you’re in. Because straight up folks… I think I found him. Let’s go. 11Squared. Sh*t just got on a whole new level of REAL.


Untitled thought #60

— Bonne Anniversaire to one of my dearest friends I have in this city. The lifetime of friendship we have ahead of us will be full of too many giggles, too many freestyle songs, and crazy awesome dance moves. Love, love, love you, mon ami!


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