Hay, haaay, HAY!

My outfit, c/o Pretty Freedom vintage boutique on Augusta Ave, Kensington Market! My 90’s inspired outfit for last night’s Back In The Day: Fresh Prince of Belair edition Halloween party. Shouts to Marquee Media, DJ MENSA, DJ P-PLUS, Dunkees Boards, Coming of Change and everyone else who helped put this jam together. Super success, I’d say, boys!

Hope you all had a wicked Halloweeny time, dancing on top of bumpin’ speakers and getting smither-faced like I did! Lol.

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C’est Alloween, C’essst Allloweeen!

[me and the ugliest person in the world, aka TFHOUSE.]

I friggin’ love Halloween. The way Toronto throws down is none like any other. People don’t shy away from dressing up, dressing down, or looking absofrigginlutely ridiculous; I love it!! Last night was the first of two Halloween celebrations I’ll be in attendance at this year, celebrating the birthday of my friend/extended family Josh Angeles. Let’s just say that when Char isn’t on the clock at these Toronto night timing events, I definitely like to let loose, kick off my heels (because lawd knows I hate wearing those┬ámonstrous things), and perhaps jump up on a table or two. Bwaaaahah. Shouts to Harold and Duane of Knocturnal & Hue for always takin’ care of me and throwin’ a wicked jam.

Here are a few flicks of the evening:

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‘Ya on the mic, what’s ya beef?’

Saturday…. Get your Will-Jazz handshakes ready, turn your blazers inside out and get that neck tied wrapped around your forehead… it’s a throwback to everything amazing in the 90’s, ESPECIALLY the Fresh Prince of Belair. Ohhhh maaaan, I watched this show religiously growing up. Marquee Media is putting together another good ol’ “Back in the Day” party, Halloween 90’s edition. Reach this Saturday if you haven’t made any plans yet, and well, even if you have, who cares! This party is bound to have crazy fun music which means crazy fun dancing. I’ll be there, camera in hand, as per ush, so have your outfit FRESH, and your swagger followin’ suit.

For facebook event, click HERE.

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JAMROCK: More eyecandy

Here are some pics of DAY 2: A dress rehearsal with Masia and her replacement Jamaican band (who are super ridiculously talented, like WOW), The Uprising Roots! I don’t have a lot of photos (as I was filming this rehearsal) but you’ll also see a few of Vibrant Voices — Shouts to St. Albans!

[Uprising Roots in the buildin!]

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Untitled thought #37

— Home made cannelloni and fresh baked carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is the best home welcoming, thanks to my chosen famiree, the Granby Girls. I am tanned, sniffling, headachey, with 279 messages received the moment I turned on my blackberry. My trip is complete and I couldn’t be more thankful — Masia One, you are bound to me as a sistah for life. I’m happy to be home. Time to get things in order…


JAMROCK: A Word from MAMA G.

Good vibes and bonfires, a smoking chalice and getting schooled on history, philosophy, and the Rastafarian way just seems like the everyday norm in the backyard of the band the Uprising Roots. My afternoon spent sucking on sugarcane and exchanging conversation with these individuals was more than a blessing. I will never forget this woman, Mama G, the exact same age as my own mother. Her presence exudes strength, courage, creativity and warmth. I will talk about her more in another post. For now, take this in…

A Word from MAMA G. from Char Loro on Vimeo.

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JAMROCK: Back to Negril…

The internet is slow here so posting up any pics is proving to be an annoying throwback to dial-up speed days. Manifesto JA Festival has come and gone and was a major success. Big up to all who were a part of it. The past two days have been spent hitting up reggae jams in make-shift venues ie. dance halls and blocked off plazas with huge delivery trucks, day and night swims in our black jello pool, and a whoollee lotta rice n’ beans. Patwa is becoming more understandable and having crazy conversations with many a rastafari is proving itself to be quite the spiritual journey. I love it here. I really and truly do. Tomorrow holds a vacation I’ve been waiting for for quite awhile. 4 nights and 5 days in Negril, beach all day, swimming under the stars all night. Motorcycle rides and crazy jams. Hope you holdin’ up T.O. Internet connection from here on in is non-existent. See you Sunday (sigh… 5 days left? Really?)


JAMROCK: Ery’ting Irie

[You think I’m bout to walk around Kingston without a line up done proper? Shouts to Pogo, my JA barber, reppin’ Bucktown to the fullest.]

Stay tuned for more photos and stories to come…

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JAMROCK: The Initiation

I wasn’t expecting to be able to blog so soon upon my arrival, but I’m here now in Kingston after two days of… absolutely craziness. The apartment Masia and I are staying at has internet (because God knows she needs it) so I’ve got a little mobile office to work out of every now and then.

Now… you’re probably wondering HOW THE HECK IS IT OVER HEREEEE?!?! Baaaaaaaaahahah. To answer that question, I must begin with the four hours I first arrived…

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Untitled thought #36

— About to board my plane to Montego Bay. From there, Masia’s gunna scoop me and we’re gunna drive down to Kingston… I’m feelin’ a whole lotta crazy right now. Big ups to the fam who reached the impromptu mini shindig last night. I am blessed beyond measure to have the friends that I have… Wish me safe travels! MANIFESTO JAMAICA, here I come!!


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