Steppin’ Out by DJ MENSA x DJ ROYALE

Yeeeeeeuppp. You know how my ears love me some Mensa and Royale. Two of some high-rated, and highly respected DJ’s in this city. The concept of this mixtape I couldn’t love more — creative cats who like to give you more than you’re average joe “old school mix”.

As quoted by Mensa:

“We’ve been DJ’s for many years. We’ve seen many a party go down from beginning to end, and like to think we’ve built up a good understanding as to what songs to play and when to play them. A lot of DJ’s nowadays do not. And quite frankly, they could be missing out on the best part of the night. Early hours of a jam usually means anything goes for the selector, but within reason. You still can’t wild out with playing tunes that are bona fide hits and better suited for a packed house.

The warm-up set is really the time when you can break new records (when they were new), play more laid back joints, and test yourself as to how you were going to get the vibe hot for the next person on the decks. A lot of these tunes were only on 12″ promo vinyl certain DJ’s got, played between 10:30 – 11:30 on a Friday night, or heard on some mixtape you had to dub from a friend of a friend in order to even hear the tune.

This may be a 90′s R’n’B mix, but do not get it twisted: this isn’t your run of the mill Return of the Mack or Candy Rain type ish. This is a collection of tunes we knew brought the vibe along when we partied back in the day. Anthems, album cuts, remixes, and obscure record pool stuff. Stuff that became holy grails for us as we caught up with our teenage years.”  – DJ MENSA

To download, click HERE.

Happy listening.

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