Understanding only takes place when ears, eyes, and heart are open to hearing, seeing and believing. I think it’s one of the most beautiful things that can take place between individuals… it creates unity, peace, and strengthens Love. Unfortunately, understanding can be extremely difficult to come by. How do you convince ears to listen? How do you convince eyes to see you for You? How do you open a heart that’s closed off to receiving or giving? These are things we can’t force, things that are out of our control. It is energy wasted that you must put into Loving Yourself. I guess the only thing we can do is practice understanding. Practice being open-minded, willing to listen, humble to acknowledge. I think of the many ways I am misunderstood and can only do nothing but Be Me. I am not perfect, I will make mistakes, but I will practice learning, constantly learning, in order to grow, transform and continue to Love.

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    02/15/2011 @ 9:51 am


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