[TFHOUSE, beeeeeeeeetch]

Upon high demand from Teddy’s loyal followers, he put on a show performing some of his songs from his mixtape he released last summer, as well as gave everyone something to get hyped up for with his upcoming album Superior Taste, that’s bout to drop in 2 weeks. His songs he performed with Dana definitely showed everyone what he’s been in the studio for, something that defies what everyone thought TFHouse was about. Prior to gracing the stage with his signature dance moves and undeniable presence, Teddy had MONEY BOXX from Tokyo open up for him (who knew rapping in japanese would be so friggin’ mind blasting), as well as ANTZ ONE, a skater-rapper also featured with the Granby Girls in TFHouse’s music video for On My Way. ┬áNocturne was bumpin, a really cool venue (minus the wack chick bartender who wouldn’t serve me, WACK.) At the end of the night, our fam went out to New Ho King for a whole bunch of “Cheers”ing to a successful night, that Teddy sucks and may never rock a show ever again. =D

Here are the flicks from that night:

[Antz One]

[Vinsu, Redventure, Beetle Jenn]

[Get Outside famiree. I love Japanese silly faces]

[OHKAY. Cutie pies.]

[Carli and Balu! Rye High whatttuuppp]


[The Beetles]

[Ateh and Toto]

[Money Boxx]



I’ve spoken my piece.

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