Valentines Re-Gift: Arowbe x Rich Kidd

[Artwork by Original Fiddy]

I received a lovely link early this afternoon from my good peoples Arowbe, with a track he just released today that he did with Rich Kidd, also guest featuring vocals by Lizzie Nightingale. My first reaction was, “uhh YOU HAVE A SONG WITH RITCHIE? Pass that sh*t” Followed after with, “I WISH SOMEONE THOUGHT I WAS THE COOLEST GIRL IN SCHOOL!!” His response: “Ya never know, plenty of shy boys out there.” Hahahah.

Needless to say, this song is totally feel good vibes, with many references to high school tings I grew up with. Moesha and the Parkers! Lol. This song shall be on repeat for me today… So, from me to you, A Valentines Day Re-Gift from Arowbe and Rich Kidd, Here’s “Coolest Girl.”

Arowbe & Rich Kidd – Coolest Girl by Arowbe

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Untitled thought #55

— Give up on the hopes that one day people might understand you. That is a day never guaranteed. The only thing to do then, is to find peace within yourself, happiness with who you are, or else make the choices to become who you believe is your greatest potential.



[Logo sits across middle of the chest]

Say hello to the Lovehard Monsty, illustrated by my wonderful and dear friend Giles Monette. His obsession with monsters never cease to amuse me. A post about Giles will come tomorrow so you can learn more about this wicked illustrater/designer. For now, PUT IN AN ORDER for your own Special limited edition Lovehard Monsty Tee!! Original Lovehard Tee is also available in these new colors as well as the original Red and White. Get your orders in QUICK, I’m only taking them down until next week (and they will be ready by end of Feb/first week of March!).

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What Makes A Man X Behind the Masc

Aside from the Main Ingredient Party this coming Saturday, I’m also extremely extreeeemmmeellyy excited for the White Ribbon Campaign’s “What Makes A Man” Conference, along with a special performance by Carlos Andres Gomez called “Behind The Masc”. Thanks to my wonderful homie Jeff Perea, I’ll be shootin’ the Conference (which is being catered by SALAD KING!!! Bam bam bam!), and you knoowwwww I can’t wait to see Carlos again! Check a post I wrote about him last year here.

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The Main Ingredient: Ode to Bonita

Annnnnd we’re back with the first Main Ingredient party of 2011. Ode to Bonita edition of the Main Ingredient happens every February as our celebration of Schmalentines, as well as the birthdays of our fam — Wan Luv, Sean Sax, and Sheryl. Meet me on the dance floor for a Schmalentines two-step? I will not refuse!

Here are Saturday night’s deets:

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Untitled thought #54

— There are certain people we encounter that seem to have a presence that really resonates with us. Someone who was once very dear to me referred to this as “vibing the same wavelength.” Energy Frequencies. Appreciate these moments when they so graciously come.


Untitled thought #53

— Dear Char, I am committed to your GREATNESS.


Untitled thought #52

— Today, I took down almost my entire wall of post-its. I didn’t realize these declarations into the Universe have such a powerful effect on me. It is time to Refresh. In more ways than one, this is my therapy.


“Already There” by Son Real feat. Rich Kidd

A follow up to this Behind-the-Scenes post I did a few months back on the set of Son Real’s music video shoot, here’s the finished version! Up now and gettin’ a lotta play on Much Music, bam bam bam!


Keep up the good fight.

I don’t fight for power, I don’t fight for blamelessness. If I have in the past, they were fights unworthy of winning. There shall only be one thing worth fighting for: That is Love. That is the belief that Love prevails, Love heals, Love changes, it moves, it is powerful and capable of creating Peace. In the endless battle for Love, nobody said it wouldn’t hurt a little in the process. Heck, sometimes it hurts a real lot. In understanding and learning what Love is, we sometimes have to learn what it is not: Impatience, Selfishness, Jealousy, Fear… Hmmm. Fear. I believe that that is one of the greatest enemy’s of Love. Sometimes what it comes down to, is battling Fear in order to get to Love. For some, it’s a battle they don’t care to fight. The risk is too great. Too much is at stake… like our Hearts. But if we never conquer our own Fear, how will we ever set our hearts free? Wait for a knight in shining armor? A heaven sent angel? It is a choice. Among all things that create the path we walk on.

And Yes. I have battled fear, I have risked it all to put my heart out there in hopes of setting it free and experiencing Love. Instead, I have found Love in myself, Courage in the place of Fear, and an unrelenting Passion to keep up the good fight. I won’t settle for bitterness. I won’t settle for resentment. I won’t settle for a jaded way of thinking. I will choose Courage, time and time again, to Love, again and again and again.

When I think of this… it makes everything okay. It makes me feel like Everything will be Okay.


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