Don’t you hate that annoying “beeeep… beeeep… beeeep…” you hear every time you’re trying to get through to someone’s phone line? You got your thumb twitchin’ to hit the Call button every 2 minutes in hopes that the line will clear soon. Yeah, well… that’s just how crazy this life I live is right now. An ongoing, incessant busy signal that will not stop beeping until… hoooppefullly… April 13th.

Since Quebec City weekend extravaganza, I somehow managed to do the following:

And in the coming week I will have to break every bone in my body in order to complete the following:

  • an english essay, a broadcast history paper, a script treatment
  • final efp video piece
  • Mass Exodus fashion show
  • Mass Exodus press show
  • final jobspot video piece
  • media tech theory exam

Cooooool. I have sooo much footage/pics that I want to post/blog about and things have been fast-paced and exciting over the last while that I haven’t gotten a chance to do ANYTHING. Bear with me, please.

Here’s a little eye candy before I dip. Mayer Hawthorne. Need I say more?

I’ve spoken my piece. Peace!

(and to those who have received the busy-signal from me lately, take no offense! Leave me a message through any medium and I will return your wonderful hellos! Promise!)

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