Sinthuja: The Next Generation

Uh huh… Yeah? Well, I got mahself a motha effin summa g-riiiide. What’s it to ya?!?

I’ve been talking about it all week. Multiple times with multiple people… and sometimes to the same people I forgot I told once before. ALLZ IM SAYINZ IS… The search is long over. No more Craigslist creeping to distract me from studying. No more hoping and praying for a sweet little ride to cater to my 5-feet wonder of a body… NO MORE, I TELL YOU!! I can’t tell you enough how difficult it was (in only the one week of patience-less searching) to find a bike that fit my criterion of a summer time vehicle.

The afternoon started out late, but great nonetheless. Thanks to the Supernatz boyz who kept us all in a blasty blast party frenzy last night, I didn’t get my day started until 3pm, followed after with poppin’ an advil and downin’ the ice blue powerade. My homie Philly hit me up and gave me the heads up that him and Marco were rollin’ downtown for some grubs. With the patio weather season in full effect, I showed the boys the College St. Italian eats, particularly, the well renown Cafe Diplomatico’s. Breaded veal, canelloni, ravioli and thin crust pizzas, with horrendous service, and a scare to the waiter that we dipped without paying was all the rage this afternoon. After dukin’ it out with the instantaneous itis, we decided to hit up Uncle Jacob’s on Spadina to scope out the bikes they had in stock.

I haven’t had a bike since I was like… eleven years old or something. I can’t even remember what it looked like. All I know is, I could bike before my older brother ever could and that made me 10 times cooler in my own book of cool. I have this ridiculous fear of biking next to cars, but vowed to myself that this summer, there was no way I was relying on TTC streetcar schedules and paying 3 dollars each way. Nah uh. I was gunna suck it up and hit the pavement on a dual set of rubber tires, baby.

Then my eye caught something. Shiny. A little dusty rusty, but that never hurt nobody. A perfect banana seat, hand brakes, a bell, low to the ground, much like myself… and the potential for a sweet little basket on the front handles. I want you.

Warning, to those who are shopping at Uncle Jacob’s. They’re a pushy bunch of Euro/Asian old men. I mean, the man was yelling at  me to give the bike a test drive when the seat was too high and I literally had to use the same crazy intonation back at him, “I’m NOT going to ride this if the seat is too high! Do you want me to pull my groin or something?!” AND… the best part was when he was yelling at me to, “Bike faster! Go fast! Test the brakes!” and me yelling back, “I CAN’T! THERE ARE PEOPLE!!” He’s crazy. Crazy awesome Uncle JACOB, that is.

NEEDLESS TO SAY… The offer of $150 was placed on the table for me to bite, and after text-pic’ing to Beetle Brit back at home, she simply affirmed in me what I knew I had to do. “Um, how could you ever second guess that?” A little bit of haggling went on between the two Cantonese-speakers, Marco and Salesman, bada boom, bada bang… I got myself a beaute for $130 bones.

The three of us stood there, in this momentous occasion. I declared the two men as new found godfathers to my latest child and pondered aloud what I was going to name her. (Yes, of all my gadgetry… this is the first ‘She’.) Philly bent down and noticed something inscribed on the side of the bike, shiny stickers in the form of letters, spelling out what my friend Kevin believes derives from a Tamil kid… the name, “Sinthuja.” … Sinthuja… The brand being NEXT RAVE… Sinthuja… the NEXT generation!!

*Nods her head, looks off into the distance*
I’m one happy little camper, I’ll tell you that much.

I just came back from a night ride. My fear of biking on the road is slowly dissipating. The barren streets of downtown Toronto at 10:30pm in the evening welcomes the dusty tires Sinthuja gets her roar from. It’s just me, Sinthuja, and the cold, hard concrete. When I strap on those lululemon winter running gloves and that black generic brand hoodie… the bums and hookers on Gerrard and Church St… call me… Night Riiiider...

(That name was so not original.)
(But STILL epic and soooo stealth.)

Spot me cruisin’ through these flashin’ ligh-ligh-lights filled streets. Introduce yourself, and say hello… I might even get you an intro with Sinthuja. She’s reeeaalll nice.
Here’s to all the Toronto Riders out there. Let’s Goonie Gang this ish.

I’ve spoke my piece.


  1. Gail said,

    04/19/2010 @ 9:09 am

    Woohoo! Congrats on your new babbyyy! She is so cute!

  2. Lovehard. » dancing bafoonery said,

    08/08/2010 @ 8:05 pm

    […] my life), as well as to Jenn and Lauren for also starring in this video! Oh! And can’t forget Sinthuja’s cameo!!! […]

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