Finally! Of the five million places/events Char’s been running around Toronto to attend, I’ve lacked the time and energy to post something about it. Tonight I’ve got a minute before I run off to TABULA RASSA‘s Official Launch Party. A New Vintage/Consignment and Designer clothing store that just opened up on Broadview and Danforth is all the rage with the Vintage community here in T.O. My homegirl Angie who used to work with me at my previous employment at the Lu told me about her sister Jen, who is a designer and the founder of Tabula Rassa. I’m looking forward to it and perhaps finding some new items to add to my summer wardrobe… *Char looks at her bank account* Sigh… eaassy girl.

Last night I had the honor to drop in at the Jouissance exhibit at the Great Hall; an event showcasing the launch of Melissa Clemente’s designs for Fall/Winter collection. She also collaborated with various local Toronto artists to exhibit art installations that centralized around her theme: Jouissance.

“The word “jouissance” contains within it a play on words: “J’ ouis sens” = “I heard meaning”.

It is the pleasure of the intellect and the intellect of pleasure. It has been defined as bliss or enjoyment – more specifically, in an over-the-top or sexual sense. Imagine pleasure and any stimulation that can be too much to bear. Perhaps even pleasure and pain, together. It can be a feeling of being at the edge. The experience of jouissance is indicative of a breaking of boundaries and it is a connection beyond the self.

MCD’s latest showcase is inspired by real events drawn from a series of journals and electronic correspondence shared between two lovers over four years. Their story is told through day to day on-goings, self realizations, life experiences and romantic excerpts. These journals were filled with drawings, photos, clippings, collages, crafts and were accompanied by mixed tapes.”

Needless to say, the exhibit was incredible. I find it commendable that one can tap into their emotions (especially about something so private, and something that can affect your whole life) and create something tangible, something that she can share with the people that surround her. It’s something I struggle with, much to your surprise for someone who appears to be very emotionally open. There are just a few closed doors in my heart that I’m afraid to peek in, much more, to create an entire exhibit and have people share that experience with you. I want to be at that place, to be able to do that for myself. I am in awe and admiration of Miss Melissa Clemente and the amazing artist that she is.

Some eye candy from the evening:

Alright, I’m off to Tabula Rassa! Stay tuned for my review.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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