a Boycott on STUDYING

… Just joking, Mom.

Ugh. Studying is absolutely boring. Give me a video to cut. Give me a screenplay to write. But to sit for hours reading over terminology and preparing as much as what’s possible for an Engrrish exam? Summer is around the corner and the weather is glorious. Sinthuja is like a new born puppy that wants all my attention! Of COURSE I don’t want to do this…

(After this, it’s Broadcast History on my plate. Let’s not talk about it.)

Amidst all that, the week is looking pretty eventful. Tomorrow we’ve got a 4:21 FIND YOUR ONE BACHELOR/ETTE AUCTION at VIP Billiards. My homegirl from school, Brit, a fellow BC native, is running for Miss World Canada 2010, and is hosting a charity event for Variety the Children’s Charity. And who’s the most eligible Bachelorette that ya’ll know and love? Lol. Yep. I shall be put up for auction tomorrow evening. So if you are down for good time, are single and wanting to bid on some wonderful human beings, there will be quite the list of wicked Dudes and Dudettes tomorrow. Come, chill! Brit was also on CHUM FM last weekend promoting the event, so it should be pretty awesome. The proceeds are also going to be matched, TWICE, by Sheldon Levy, the president of Ryerson, and the owner of VIP Billiards on Yonge and Gerrard St, where the event is being hosted.

Thursday evening will be a live performance by VOLENSKA, at the good ol’ Sneaky Dee’s on Bathurst and College. My buddy Eric, also from school, plays the sax, keys, and sings. I have yet to see his band play, but I’ve been passed their demo and I must say, it wasn’t what I expected. “Electro-rock”, as he just quoted me studying across the table from me, but let’s be honest, the sax puts Volenska on a whole new tip of ‘Cool’. A former York student for music, he made the transfer over to Rye High for RTA and is also one of the only other oldies in our program along with Grandma herself. I’m lookin’ forward to Thursday night’s shenanigans. Sneaky Dee’s regardless is bound to be a blasty-blast. (Yes, I do say that a lot, Eric. And I purposely said it once more because I knew you would think that. Lol.)

Friday night, a Goodbye BBQ with the Granby Girl fams as a final send off to one of the most beautiful mothers I know. A relocation to the blazing sun and pristine beaches of Me-hi-co makes me cringe with envy. A second home to the Granby Girls for those oh-so-cold winters of Toronto? You freakin’ betcha. And then Saturday, a year end jam to conclude my first year of returning to post-secondary life.

Life is good.

… despite this exam in t-minus half an hour. And the other exam next Monday. Barf.

I’ve spoken my piece.

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  1. Brit said,

    04/20/2010 @ 8:04 pm

    Love it, thanks Char, you’re the best!!

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