Last night my best friend/life partner/sister aka Beetle put together a video (that I didn’t even do one lick to help her out with) composed of all her Mother’s footage growing up as a child, up until she herself was growing up, as a present to her mother who is making some life-changing decisions right now. The presentation of the video had everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the room in tears. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Mom aka Mama Beet (LOL) is the epitome of the word Courageous. She is on the verge of something drastically new. She is leaving everything behind to begin another new chapter in her life. Somewhere warm. Somewhere beautiful. And Somewhere full of opportunity. I can’t be more happy or more supportive about this decision. She is a living testament to all of us that it’s NEVER too late, no matter how old you are, how many children you’ve had, what you’ve been through in life, your assets, your education, NOTHINGit’s never too late to wake up and be conscious to manifesting your dreams. Even if it’s not as clear cut in your mind as you see it… Making the first moves towards what you know is truth in your gut, I swear to you, I PROMISE you… the universe will fall into place just to assure you that what you’re doing is your destiny.

I’m almost 22 years old. In this ridiculously short time I’ve lived life… if there is anything I am absolutely certain of, it’s the fact that opportunities are not a rarity. It’s the type of glasses you have on if you can see them. More so, if you will strap on the courage to jump on them… the more you do, the more you can see them, and the more you’ll jump. This is how I want to live my life for the next 60 years to come.

I wish everyone in the world had the privilege of knowing her. She will warm your heart like melted Mars Bars from Halloween on your radiator. She is so loud, vivacious, with a smile that makes you feel like you’re… well… SPECIAL. Lol. It makes absolute sense where the Beetles get their Fab from. Last night I just wanted to soak up her presence, sit near her, share my photos with her, hear her stories, and just appreciate a woman who’s lived an incredible life thus far, and who’s about to take on a new adventure. I can’t tell you how much my heart swelled last night being able to be in the presence of a woman who’s left me her legacy.

During this past Christmas while I was away in Vancouver, she left me a present, to thank me for letting her stay in my room. She told me my room was a haven to her, with all my post-its, my house robe, the good energy. For Christmas she gave each of the Beetles a piece of her legacy — a brooch, earrings, and for me, just one heart shaped earring to rock on the side shaved head side of my face. To know that she wore it during a time in her life that was so significant… rocks me to my core. I am forever thankful to have a piece of your legacy.

So to you, Wonder Woman of our world… Never give on each other, Never give up on your dreams. I wish you success, happiness, light and love. Lovehard.

I’ve spoken my piece.

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