Beetle Brit x TFHOUSE x DSTRY

[Beetle Brit dancin’ like there was no tomorrah!]

Finally, the cold, long, and hard fight to finish my last semester of 2nd year is over. After many a late nights, back aches, and editing sessions… I am now free to assess how exactly I want to make the most of this summer. What better way to celebrate last Thursday, the 28th, then to party it up with my sisters at the Crawford for Beetle Brit’s 22nd Birthday?!? Better yet, let’s jam out to TFHOUSE’s Superior Taste Mixtape release, AND the launch of my boys’ artist collective, DSTRY, aka the Destroyers. I danced like a bafoon. I shot bullets into the air every five seconds, made gun noises with my mouth and boomed them into the ear of the DJ. I sang all the wrong lyrics. I was kind of feeling awesome. Then, I went home and munched on Montreal bagels. Life in 2011 ain’t half bad, folks.

Here are the flicks from that night, starting with Beetle Brit’s surprise brunch — Lox and Cream cheese on a Montreal Bagel… with a Rickards Tall Boy, of course! Enjoy.

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Beeter’s 22 Birfday

[What better picture to epitomize US. Outrageous faces, double chins, and an equally ridonkulous laugh to boot. Myyyy Beeterr.]

Twas a wonderful birthday weekend celebration… Miss Jennifer Galley, aka U of T’s Hart House Ambassador/Blogger/Feminist/Passionate socially conscious Activist, celebrated her 22nd year of Life and Love a few weeks ago. Let’s just say that celebrations included delicious indian cuisine, surprise breakfast-on-the-go, a morning date at Green Goddess Spa, and then pure belligerence with 20 brown men and bottle service, Char illegally driving a car with her expired Learners from BC, and then an entire day of nursing the two Beetles hung over out of their minds. Too many hilarious memories were made that weekend, but all I can say is that there just never seems to be enough of what we can do to truly celebrate the life of someone we love with all our hearts! It’s moments like these when I wish I had a fat bank account and could drop crazy amounts of coin just to plan the awesomest birthdays ever. (One day.)

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Lovehard x Supreme Team Productions

[On the set of “House Party”]

This past week I had to shoot my 2.5 minute solo production where I had to write, storyboard, block, and produce my own script. I never really took in how much we’ve actually been learning in Intermediate EFP this past semester. The great thing about RTA is that from day one were we all thrown right into it, getting handed off our own camera and equipment to play with… I can’t wait for next year to take Advanced EFP! Bigger and badder productions, baby. Stay tuned for the finished piece… you might recognize a few familiar faces;)

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Lovehard presents: Beetle Brit

I would like to officially introduce the world to 1 of 2 of my counterparts, my sister, best friend and life partner for all time: Miss Beetle Brit. Why the “Beetle”? Well… that’s something you’re just going to find out about over time. Every other week Beetle Brit is going to use lovehard as a platform for her to share her new found art and hone in on her raw skills in film and photo. After watching this piece (which, by the way, I had no hand in guidance, it was alllllll her) I recognized right away that something that makes Brit so different from many other videographers’ work I’ve seen is that she has the natural ability to evoke emotion through her selection of imagery, and most especially, her musical choice. I cried a fountain watching this short film and am looking forward to seeing her growth in this new found inspiration.

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