Lovehard x Supreme Team Productions

[On the set of “House Party”]

This past week I had to shoot my 2.5 minute solo production where I had to write, storyboard, block, and produce my own script. I never really took in how much we’ve actually been learning in Intermediate EFP this past semester. The great thing about RTA is that from day one were we all thrown right into it, getting handed off our own camera and equipment to play with… I can’t wait for next year to take Advanced EFP! Bigger and badder productions, baby. Stay tuned for the finished piece… you might recognize a few familiar faces;)

[the Supreme Team (we never ended up coming up with a better name. LOL)]

Special thanks to my production group I’ve been working with all semester! Wendy, Matt, Agatha and Justin, you guys are all awesome and I think we’ve done a pretty wicked job at producing each other’s scripts this year. Also, lots of love to my actors and extras — Brit, Jenn (aka the Beetles), Jerome, Rich Kidd, Kit Knows, Jeff Spec, Michelle, Katie, Julia, Imran, and Giles.

Also, MUCH gratitude and love to Nathan D. who took these sick behind-the-scenes pics of last night, and J.Black for taking the ones during our Tuesday shoot.

Video is coming out next week! Stay tuned…

[Wendy on boom, Matt as camera assistant, myself directing. DAY 1 shoot.]

[the beautiful actresses: the Beetles! Jenn and Brit]

[A surprise visit by Scott Brown, one of our profs. LOL LOL. Too funny.]

[On the set of Day 2 – Rich Kidd and Kit Knows cameos]

[One of my most favorite scenes of the whole video! “Ahhhh HAAAA!”]

[J.Black, one of the most creative minds in this business. Can’t wait to work more with him!]

[photo stylings of Nathan D.]

[Our lead actress, Brit. HILARIOUS.]

[As if this doesn’t look like a normal jam at the Granby’s.]

[Hahah, hmmm wonder what we’re shooting here to make Wendy cringe. Priceless!]

DAY 1 Shoot

DAY 2 Shoot

I’ve spoken my piece.


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