Beeter’s 22 Birfday

[What better picture to epitomize US. Outrageous faces, double chins, and an equally ridonkulous laugh to boot. Myyyy Beeterr.]

Twas a wonderful birthday weekend celebration… Miss Jennifer Galley, aka U of T’s Hart House Ambassador/Blogger/Feminist/Passionate socially conscious Activist, celebrated her 22nd year of Life and Love a few weeks ago. Let’s just say that celebrations included delicious indian cuisine, surprise breakfast-on-the-go, a morning date at Green Goddess Spa, and then pure belligerence with 20 brown men and bottle service, Char illegally driving a car with her expired Learners from BC, and then an entire day of nursing the two Beetles hung over out of their minds. Too many hilarious memories were made that weekend, but all I can say is that there just never seems to be enough of what we can do to truly celebrate the life of someone we love with all our hearts! It’s moments like these when I wish I had a fat bank account and could drop crazy amounts of coin just to plan the awesomest birthdays ever. (One day.)

[Fabulously 22. In tagalog we say, “Delaga na si Jenniper.” LOL. Meaning, She’s growing into a beautiful woman.]

This woman never ceases to amaze me with her brilliance,┬ádynamic character, her compassion and grace. In just the past… oh my god, almost ONLY two years that I’ve known her, she has become my sister and will be in my life until the day I die. I know so many people throw around those kind of flashy words loosely, but if you’ve ever encountered the Granby Girls and have ever really taken us in… you could attest that there is something very special in the relationship we possess with each other. These girls have changed me, influenced me, inspired me and moved me to be who I am today. Much of my growth here in Toronto, I attribute to the role they’ve played in my life. With Jennifer particularly, during a very crucial time her in life, as well as during a major growth period in mine, she became my wingman in much of my Toronto night timing scene. Always holding her own when Char’s gotta work the camera, she’s grown to become more and more social, confident, and cultured from the people she’s encountered. It’s refreshing and so inspiring to see someone change, grow, expand their boundaries and challenge themselves to try new things. I feel blessed to have been able to witness that in her, and feel more excited to see the different phases, transitions, learnings and revelations that will come for her in this lifetime of sisterhood we will share.

I love You, Jennifer Galley. Happy Birthday. We are too young, and have more to write in the Incredible Story that is Our Lives… Just. You. Wait.

Here are some flicks of her crazy weekend:

[Little India Restaurant! Great Service. Butter Chicken good, if you like it sweet though.]

[My poo faces. Teddy F House and Beetle Brit.]

[Butta chicken! Or in their vegetarian case, butta tofu!]

[Vinsu and Justine-u]

[Fams, missing Jay and Red]

[Next day: Manis and Pedis at Green Goddess]

I’ve spoken my piece.


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  1. J. Galley said,

    02/02/2011 @ 3:07 pm

    You love me as much as a first born child! YOUR THE GREATEST HUMAN EVEAH!

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