Beetle Brit x TFHOUSE x DSTRY

[Beetle Brit dancin’ like there was no tomorrah!]

Finally, the cold, long, and hard fight to finish my last semester of 2nd year is over. After many a late nights, back aches, and editing sessions… I am now free to assess how exactly I want to make the most of this summer. What better way to celebrate last Thursday, the 28th, then to party it up with my sisters at the Crawford for Beetle Brit’s 22nd Birthday?!? Better yet, let’s jam out to TFHOUSE’s Superior Taste Mixtape release, AND the launch of my boys’ artist collective, DSTRY, aka the Destroyers. I danced like a bafoon. I shot bullets into the air every five seconds, made gun noises with my mouth and boomed them into the ear of the DJ. I sang all the wrong lyrics. I was kind of feeling awesome. Then, I went home and munched on Montreal bagels. Life in 2011 ain’t half bad, folks.

Here are the flicks from that night, starting with Beetle Brit’s surprise brunch — Lox and Cream cheese on a Montreal Bagel… with a Rickards Tall Boy, of course! Enjoy.

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