An Ode to Bonita Applebaum II

On Saturday, February 13th, The Main Ingredient put together a Valentines Day jam dedicated to all the Bonitas across the city who’s been puttin’ dem on, knawwmeaannn?? If you’ve never attended a Main Ingredient jam before, you need to seriously get yourself in check. (And by that, I just mean, get yourself out of Entertainment District already. Aren’t you tired of drunk crying/puking couples who are constantly missing their pants? I’m glad I learned that fast in the legal game.)

The Main Ingredient has to be one of my most favorite parties here in Toronto, giving you that old school R&B, reggae, soul, and classic hip hop vibe. They bring in acts like the Foreign Exchange, 45 King, and other up and coming DJ’s to be celebrated, like most recently, Miss DJ Lissa Monet (2009 Stylus Female DJ of the Year). Resident DJ’s of the Main Ingredient include my beloved DJ Mensa, DJ Agile, and Sean Sax; hosted by none other than Mister Wan Luv. Mr. Jesse Ohtake, one of the main organizers of this party, saw my superb flyer handling skills (although I absolutely detest doing it, lol) during the Manifesto festival back in September. Jesse took it upon himself to involve me with the Main Ingredient fam in someway and some form. Plans are under way for the near future, so stay tuned for what’s in store!

Saturday was stupid fun. Wan’s birthday with the most delectable chocolate cake (c/o Miss Cheryl!), multiple dance circles, DJ Surreal Sound and DJ Ariel tearin’ up Stone Lounge just downstairs, ah so good! Prior to myself boogeying down, I was asked to film some of the party action so here are a few still shots to share:

Lots of mixtape action went down on the night of as well. Miss DJ Lissa Monet released her Loveletters & Brokenhearts mixtape [click for deets to download] that she did with DJ P-Plus which is currently playing on my itunes. (Love, love, insta-girlcrush love!) and DJ Surreal Sound released his Biscuits & Dumplings mixtape [click for deets to download]. A tribute to real R&B and lovers rock reggae. Still can’t get over the name! So good!

The next Main Ingredient is said to come this March. It’s gunna be a good time, uhhh huhhhh!

I’ve spoken my piece.

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