Give my hometown some props…

[a young 17 yr old Donnel and 18 yr old… blonde… Char, lol]

I woke up this morning to find this latest post in my RSS feed. My homie Donnel Barroso at one point in time was like a baby brother to me. We met years back during the days I did my time in the young filipino church community, and there was definitely a period in which we hung out every weekend. It was the Poco boys, the New West boys, and my inseparable Ayo girls. Numerous amounts of All-You-Can-Eat Richmond Sushi, bubble tea runs, and coolin’ out at my house laughin’ bout who knows what. … I miss those days. Heck, I even had Donnel hired at Starbucks on Granville and Georgia and we played off this story (that changed several times) about how we were blood brother-sister and we had… same dads, different moms? The story got more intricate every time, but it was a hoot n’ a half to play with people’s heads.

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Be free

It is in those moments we feel most alive. When the future is a bridge we will cross when we get there, and the past is what we appreciate for bringing us to this point. We are present to the greatness before us and we are so thankful that this moment is ours. But that’s the definition of ‘Moment’, isn’t it? A short, indefinite and fleeting amount of time. Haven’t you lived enough life yet to know that this is the only thing that remains constant?

Be free. Experience liberation in the timing that is Now. You only receive it once and for who knows how long. Don’t be bitter knowing the eventual outcome: All things do come to an end. Don’t be afraid to jump because you’re not sure your heart can take it. You can.

Be Here. Be Present. Be here, Now.

I’ve spoken my piece.



Untitled thought #14

— Exhale…. Peace.


And it continues.

And it continues. The reaffirmation that Timing could not be any more perfect. Reasons are yet to be revealed, perhaps in another chapter, perhaps in another time. One thing is certain: the investment in One’s self is not one without guarantee. Your moment is now.

These are not silver platters casually passing by. They are handed to you with the intent that you can, and will… deliver.

There is a furious determination, a boiling, bubbling sensation rising… Ready to take charge, ready to erupt.

Mark my words. Nothing can stop me.


Untitled thought #13

— Mark My Words. Nothing will Stop Me.


Untitled thought #12

— I retract previous untitled thought #11. Trust your heart, trust your gut, look at the road ahead. Take a deep breath and know that Timing plays a pivotal part in every aspect of the story.


Untitled thought #11

— my head is going to explode.


Love your neighbour.

I think often times artists take criticism or lack of support on their work way too personally. I mean, I can’t really blame them, it IS personal. Our artwork is an expression and reflection of who we are as individuals; if someone hates on IT, they hate on US. The thing is… there’s a big difference between disliking someone’s work and actually criticizing it because deep down inside we’re jealous of their success, jealous of how well received they are. I know I’m guilty of it. Foooorrrr suuuurreeee. Toronto is a saturated city filled with people on the come-up, trying to be better, more, different and unique. Everyone has got their tight D up and will react to any opinion that speaks against their own. I was thinking about all of this when I was getting ready this morning and about the number of artists who have complained about the same thing. It is a rejection of our art that has turned our mouths sour.
I don’t want to add to the growing number of screw faces in this city. Heck, I’m not even originally from here. Whenever I feel burned, snubbed, or just not supported the way I wish I were by people, it’s not something that I want to take personally anymore. I’m over it. That’s all ego talking inside saying, “Hey, why don’t you like what I do? Why don’t you acknowledge me?” I don’t need bitterness or negativity harboring because it leaves no room for growth, humility and understanding.

I’m committing to a new approach, one that supports the hustle and grind of all on the come-up that are genuine about their intent and authentic in sharing their art.
I see you, Toronto, and I’m with you. Let’s love and rise together…

I’ve spoken my piece.

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Christopher Lee Sauvé + lovehard

As previously mentioned in one of the posts [click here, if you missed it] I wrote about my time in NYC a few weeks ago, I did an impromptu video shoot with the delightful Chris Sauvé of Christopher Lee Sauvé T-Shirt Collection. A fellow Vancouver native AND alumni to my very own high school (Windermere, east van, WHUUUTT!), Chris moved out to NYC after graduating from Emily Carr for Graphic design. He and I vibed on that reeealll tip, and it only made sense after discovering our shared humble beginnings, where that soul connection came from. Check out his designs on his website, and support Canadian designers!

It was so awesome being able to work with him because he’s the type of dude who really goes with the flow and moves on the fly. It was definitely a collaboration that must be done more than once. I’d also like to give a shout out to Gibran Ramos of Mad Maus who edited my footage. It looks pretty ill, might I say.

Here it is, folks. Enjoy!


I’ve spoken my piece.

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Untitled thought #10

— Tell me what you dream about.


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