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As previously mentioned in one of the posts [click here, if you missed it] I wrote about my time in NYC a few weeks ago, I did an impromptu video shoot with the delightful Chris Sauvé of Christopher Lee Sauvé T-Shirt Collection. A fellow Vancouver native AND alumni to my very own high school (Windermere, east van, WHUUUTT!), Chris moved out to NYC after graduating from Emily Carr for Graphic design. He and I vibed on that reeealll tip, and it only made sense after discovering our shared humble beginnings, where that soul connection came from. Check out his designs on his website, and support Canadian designers!

It was so awesome being able to work with him because he’s the type of dude who really goes with the flow and moves on the fly. It was definitely a collaboration that must be done more than once. I’d also like to give a shout out to Gibran Ramos of Mad Maus who edited my footage. It looks pretty ill, might I say.

Here it is, folks. Enjoy!


I’ve spoken my piece.

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  1. a said,

    06/15/2010 @ 6:41 am

    His designs are pointless. I mean, t-shirt prints that say “FUCK THE RECESSION” for SIXTY dollars. clearly he’s trying to be ultra edgy, or has no sense of the world outside of his little fantasy bubble.

    Still love you Char, just had to tell my opinion about his bullshit.

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