Give my hometown some props…

[a young 17 yr old Donnel and 18 yr old… blonde… Char, lol]

I woke up this morning to find this latest post in my RSS feed. My homie Donnel Barroso at one point in time was like a baby brother to me. We met years back during the days I did my time in the young filipino church community, and there was definitely a period in which we hung out every weekend. It was the Poco boys, the New West boys, and my inseparable Ayo girls. Numerous amounts of All-You-Can-Eat Richmond Sushi, bubble tea runs, and coolin’ out at my house laughin’ bout who knows what. … I miss those days. Heck, I even had Donnel hired at Starbucks on Granville and Georgia and we played off this story (that changed several times) about how we were blood brother-sister and we had… same dads, different moms? The story got more intricate every time, but it was a hoot n’ a half to play with people’s heads.

It’s been a minute since I’ve seen Donnel, especially considering every time I come home to visit, he can never reply to my expensive Toronto texts, and is always too busy to come out and see me. The boy has the hustle and grind mentality of Toronto but reps Vancity all day err’day. … I couldn’t be any more proud.

Anyways. Back to my point. Latest blog post of his, yes. Donnel’s been writing for a minute and whether he knows this or not, I’ve been following. He writes with a raw and steady conviction, tells it like how he experiences it. I enjoy reading because there aren’t many people who post like this these days. You can learn a thing or two through this young buck just livin’ for the sake of being.

Last I talked to Donnel, he was really working hard to get something together. It’s always, “Nonducor this, me and my friends are Nonducor-ing that..” And I’m all like… “What does that word even mean?! Is that FRENCH or something??” To this day… I’m still trying to remember what he told me. Regardless of the meaning behind the name, Nonducor is probably one of the sickest concepts that only minds onto some next sh*t could come up with.

A gang of rebellious youth tired of Vancity being defined through tourist brochures and Torontonians saying they’ve got a lack of culture, arts, and music scene. It’s out there, it’s just different. Perhaps it’s what you never even imagined. But who’s going to tell you that? The Province’s events column? NOW newspaper stands? Thank you faceless Corporation for telling us What’s Up.

Naw. Here it is, folks. An unbeatable force that is out to inspire the world that Vancouver knows what’s good. Music, art, multi-media, film, photography, web, graphic design, journalism, fashion, style, culture… they encompass it all, and they want to be the go-to, looked-up-to, called-upon gurus who can show you thy ways.

Nonducor’s site officially dropped today and I had the pleasure of perusing the entire site with utter joy and pride to see young, inspired Vancouverites doin der Ting. Holy sh*t, I couldn’t be any more proud. REAL TALKS.


Mad love to the entire Nonducor team. I have yet to meet you, but look forward to future introductions. Nonducor… I see you. (All the way from Toronto.)

I’ve spoken my piece.

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