#LOVEHARDTOUR : The Prologue before The Prologue

[Headed for the vanishing point.]

Before I even begin to set the stage for what I experienced during my past reading break where I flew across Canada for what I was mad hashtagging as the “#LOVEHARDTOUR” — I need to fill you in on what has inspired this post. Simply put, I don’t share anymore. I just had this long awesome parlay session with one of my dearest friends (who worked with me as one of Manifesto’s Doc Team Directors this year), Jon Riera, about how us doing our art as our main source of income, has made us forget why we fell in love with it.

We end up feeling tired all the time and resistant to these shoots because we stopped doing the ones that were just for ourselves and the sake of our creative sanity. Sharing, especially over this platform, is something I once loved doing… I used to blog everyday. Being busy cannot be my excuse anymore. This blog isn’t about shameless promotion, especially for other artists and their events… it’s about support, it’s about this being my art form in and of itself.

I’ve taken a long hiatus… but I think I’m ready for Lovehard 2.0. It’s going to be a lot bigger than me, that’s for sure.

You’ll get my thoughts and experiences in doses. Stay close. Love.

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  1. lauren said,

    03/05/2012 @ 2:20 am

    Ah how true this is. It’s a blessing to do what you love, but sometimes others’ visions can be a beasty all in themselves. A moment a day- a moment you can call yours- whether it’s to create, read, or just breathe- that moment is vital to your sanity and keeping your creativity flowing.You helped me remember that. Despite doing what I love I often take a step back and ask “But what does this MEAN to me?” and that step back combined with my moment keeps me sane. You do you. But while ‘doin’ you’ don’t forget about what makes you…well..YOU.

    Love your face!

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