#LOVEHARDTOUR : It all started because…

[Rev up the engines. It’s go-time.]

It all started because my roommate, soulmate, sister, best friend Brit Sirianni (of April Management/First Lady of DSTRY) made mer her WestJet companion… meaning… I get to fly literally, for the cost of pennies. It’s incredible! More than it being about me being able to fly to my hometown Vancity and say whattup to my folks whenever I want… I wanted to do something very special with the opportunity. Thus, being in the development stages of a new project that will soon be released and that I’ll be working on all throughout the summer.

This project is enabling me to do exactly what I love doing — exploring the music, arts and culture communities of all these different cities in Canada. Part of the development of this project which is so necessary… is just research. Going and immersing myself in the culture of these cities. How can I expect to share their stories if I don’t know the people who are the center of them? I simply went with the pure intent to connect, establish relationships, and build upon that connection.

I met the sickest people who are doing things in their communities that uphold the culture they have in their cities. From Vancity, Calgary, Winnipeg and (what was supposed to be Halifax became) Montreal, I saw the factors that influenced their character — for all their strengths and weaknesses. It was a unique experience in every place I went. I’m excited to come back in the spring/summer months and capture more of that, and bring back those stories… I’m stoked for you to learn about the artists I’ve met and will meet, and hopefully one day you’ll have the opportunity to connect with them if you’re ever in their city, and vice versa.

The exchange starts now.

First up, Vancity….

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