[TFHOUSE at his last show of 2011. Sneaky Dees, if you were there, youuu knowwwww]

What a frickin’ year for TFHOUSE and the DSTRY team. We went from Teddy’s show at Nocturne where he performed hits from his On My Way mixtape, to Teddy opening up for MacMiller in July for like 5000 people, to Teddy opening up for Wiz Khalifa on September, then The Weeknd in London, ON, and then him closing off the year with his show OUTRO SUPERIOR at Sneaky Dee’s. What an amazing run!! I couldn’t be more proud of the fam, especially my sister Beetle Brit, aka April Management — TFHOUSE’s manager. They really did the ground work this year in order to prep themselves for what’s to come in 2012… and if my intuition is correct, it’s about to get reeeaaallll hectic.

The show was SO ILL! All hands were on deck from the fam — Beetle Jenn and Fulfy holdin’ down the door, Mensa and Aphillyaded on the 1’s and 2’s, Eyeamtheo, KnowTomo, Jay Isip of Extension Jewelry, Redventura, Vincent Grey, myself and the Frstldy aka Beetle Brit aaallllllll holdin’ down that night. Not to mention the show was co-presented by Hustlegrl, Pardon Le Dopeness, and the friggin Weeknd camp were all in the building!! Teddy kills every single performance, and he also introduced a new track off his upcoming mixtape — Young Desperado. I can’t wait. I can’t waaaaaaaaaait for the release.

Check the flicks for what you missed. Take note that you’ll never want to do that to yourself again!

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