RTA Season 3

[RSU Parade & Picnic 2010]

Oh man. We always know 3rd season is most often times — the best season for any running show. 1st Season is a little rocky, nobody has done this before and everything is always about the First Time. Heck, fashion sense and hair styles were the worst then. Then we get to Season 2 –– everyone’s starting to find their footing. Sophomores begin to get over their wall of Cool, stop hating on all the people they hated in 1st year, and start taking life a little bit more seriously. But then… ohhhh, but theeeeen... We get to 3rd Year. Third Time’s the Charm, Baby.

We semi-own the school. We’ve been around long enough that our Profs are starting to know us, we know our way around campus and people outside of our program. We have two younger years to boss around, but at the same time, have gained more seniority with the 4th years. The major difference is that we don’t have to be sh*ttin’ our pants worried about graduation and “real life” post-university — we still gotz time to fool around.

Season 3, everyone’s stepped up their city steeze. Toronto has made that kind of influence — I’m seeing really great fall hair cuts and color schemes. People seem to be dressing more of themselves. It’s a beautiful thing for me to see — the evolution of self-expression. Season 3, everyone has become a little bit more comfortable in their own skin, nobody cares about fitting in (nor should they) because it’s about getting the best out of what we paid for.

There are more opportunities, more challenges, more people to meet, more initiatives to take, and more leadership roles to step into. 3rd Year is about putting on the Big Wo/Man Pants and taking ownership of our Future. Nobody is going to create it for You.

I… am kind of in love with this year. 3rd Year. My Jordan Year (23, baby!) and 3 just so happens to be my number…


I’ve spoken my piece. Peace

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