Magical Kingdom Weekend

[Kit Knows giving Summer a final farewell]

I just came back from one of the most incredible weekends I’ve had in a really long time. After hearing about ‘Cottage this, Cottage that‘ for the last 3 years of living here, I finally got the opportunity to experience what all the hype is about. Honestly… for all my Non-Ontarians who are reading this, one thing you must understand about Toronto… EVERYONE participates in this favorite past time known as COTTAGING.

[Ben aka the Savvy Navi.]

First of all, my boy Kit asked me on a whim the night before if I was down to roll the next day. In most cases would my weekends be booked with gigs/events/something or the other. I cleared my entire schedule knowing full well that summer was almost over and there is NO way I was about to pass up being able to peace outta the city.

Best decision I ever made.

Aside from being able to be on the beach, watching beautiful sunsets, being cut off from technology, having bonfire jam sessions, and taking in some down time, I think by far what made this weekend memorable was the people that were there. Often times I find myself in many situations in which I don’t know anyone and I hold my own. But to spend an entire weekend with 15 complete strangers? It was either going to be a hit or miss. The thing with my boy Kit, is that anyone he’s ever brought into my life, has always been good peoples, and vice versa. I didn’t even have to think twice about it.

[Kira, Shannon, and Me]

[Village Eats. I love this communal meal making.]

[Mama Zarrin! Always holdin’ it down in the kitchen.]

[Who doesn’t love jumping pictures? Me, Zarrin and Kira]

What I didn’t realize until on the drive home when I was having a conversation with my new friend Ben, was that I had just spent 72 hours with him and had no idea what he does or even where he lives. He apologized, feeling as though it should’ve been the first thing that came up when meeting each other, as well as asking me about what I do.

It’s what our city has ingrained in us. Who You are is What You do. To a certain extent, Yes, your actions become definitions of your character… but at the same time, these 15 strangers now new friends, all got to see a side of me that most of my good friends in Toronto, or Vancouver for that matter, have never seen of me. That is, Char Loro, stripped down, no accessories (and you know I LOVE accessories), no make up, and barely any talk of work and what I do.

It was so…. refreshing.

All we did was hang out, love life, and got Real.

The crazy thing is, I get home and find out what these guys are all about with their city-work life, and discover that they are all extremely talented, and furthermore, on the rise to putting more Canadian actors on the map. I love that I just spent 3 days with these beautiful humans and that we didn’t learn each other for what we do, or have any pre-conceived ideas that affected how we saw each other… it was all Love.

[Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and Croquet. Best]

[Best thing about hanging out with actors = silly accents all day long.]

[Ahhh, this is how I got smoke face, and scared the living crap outta Julian. LOL]

I’ve definitely returned to the city a whole lot more chilled out. School’s about to gwan and much is about to come. Especially with Manifesto Festival starting up next week…

To all those who were there at the Magical Kingdom this past weekend, Thank You. You must know I appreciated every single moment of being there and especially getting to know you. You made my first Cottaging experience unforgettable! Keep in touch, Love love love.

I’ve spoken my piece.

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