Recap: SOUL CUSTODY Vol. 1 Album Release Party

[Lady Shabazz]

It seems like we had all been waiting for this forever! For the past year I have been seeing/hearing this group prepare for the release of their first album and to see it live on stage was beaaauuttiful! Apollo givin’ so much energy on stage that his veins look like they were about to pop outta his neck, Lady Shabazz and her gorgeous sequined lace poncho and obviously, her buttery buttery voice, and producer Unlimited’s nasty beats makin’ the jam live… it was amaaazing.

Here are the pics from the night. Hollerate!

[Ange and Makiko]

[CFC and MTV in the house! Thanks for comin’ Jakub and Rafael]

[Michelle, DJ Ariel, and Hersey]

[Moi et Lara]

[Allie aka Lady Shabazz and her Faja!]

[Damian aka producer Unlimited and friend]

[Apollo Creed, ya’ll.]

[I told you, veins poppin’ and shieeeet]

[How lucky am I! I pose right to my camera!]

[Daang girl, yo blang!]

[Yes, there is no limit to his nastiness.]

[Modern Artifacts.]

[I friggin looove this top.]

[D on the keys.]

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