[TFHOUSE, beeeeeetch]

Last Saturday was a mind trip. Imagine one second chillin with your best friend, homeboy who spent almost everyday two summers ago at your crib shootin’ the ish and doin whatevaassss all day errday, to seeing him become an overnight celebrity. We’re talkin’ signing autographs and takin pics with hot chicks. So nutty. So UNREAL!

I have nothing but pride for Teddy aka TFHOUSE who opened up for Mac Miller this past weekend at the Kool Haus… Two nights in a row! Over one weekend, 5000 people got know WHATTUP in Toronto and that the music that gwans in this city is forreal. Hip Hop does live in the North! It was such a sick show, and one thing I will always respect (among many other things) is that Teddy is a natural born performer. He gives his all on stage to the point where he will run out of breath because he is that excited to put on a good show. Anybody can rap, but not everybody can perform.

[Bravestation’s DEVIN WILSON]

Shouts to the DJ MENSA and DJ APHILLYADED,  for getting the show started off right, and of course, the DSTRY team for putting in all their hard work because to see it in action on Saturday was a very proud moment. Red, Theo, Vince, Tomo, Jay, and Beetle Brit, you guys did an incredible job putting all the merch, promo, design, everythinngggggg together! Love you, my Family.


I also realized that the dates of Teddy’s shows fell upon Lovehard’s 1 Year Anniversary… Coincidence? Definitely not. Way of the Universe. And just like Teddy changed his trip to NYC so he could be with me during my Lovehard Blog Launch party, I came home early just for him. Anchors. You are so special, Boo. Keep killin’ it… because this year is about to get a liiiittle hectic.

Check below for the pics. And if you haven’t yet… — RECOGNIZE.

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