Let’s Move.

The past couple of weeks have been intense in learning, my interactions with different people, and trying to find my way. It’s my Jordan year, and by that I mean, this year marks my 23rd year of life. I feel like what’s been happening to me as of late has been showing me all these different diverging paths, and that I’ve been given the foresight, along with the wisdom imparted to me by my many friends who are mentors to me, to see what could potentially lead me where.

Some of these paths, seem promising… but I wonder how much of it will fulfill me. How long it will last? And some of these other paths… are very scary. If there’s anything I can take away from the years of being raised in a church and having Jesus quotes embedded in my brain, it’s that I know I was meant for the road less traveled.

I feel blessed beyond measure to have been surrounded by beautiful, conscious, enlightened, and authentic people, who are raising me in the city that is not my own. These people keep me grounded and remind me that staying rooted in what is truth, is more important than any success, money, luxury I could be given.

I want to be a stand for spreading messages of Truth and Consciousness, no matter the sacrifice. As someone in the position of the future of media, it is the only fight I see worthy of standing up for. The thought of this is what inspires me over and over and over again. The potential of what we can say, and how that transcends, is a legacy worth leaving. I dare all who read this to re-assess what you’re currently doing, where you are going, and if you truly feel that it is something authentically fulfilling, something that you are proud to say is your legacy.

On that note, I leave you with this song. This album, although old now, is now dubbed as one of my most favorite albums of all time. It is speaking my current truth right now. Be Connected. To who you are, to who is around you, and the Universe that is unsuspectingly guiding you. Natural Mystic, as my rastafari bredren and sistren would say.

Let’s Move.

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