The Love Affair: Smash Brovas

“We’re goin’ on the rooftop,” was all Junia said to me in a quick BBM as I biked my way towards the location we were meeting up. There are some people who just aren’t very explanatory via cellphone messaging means, and Junia is definitely one of them, lol. I arrived at the bottom of the apartment complex and grabbed an elevator heading towards the 6th floor. Already laughing as Junia let me into his friend Addy’s apartment, I saw him, Crooks, and Addy sprawled about the living room, lazin’ to whatever was playing on the flat screen TV.

My obsession with raising my roof top chillage count was upped not by just one roof, but one particular rooftop that had the illest patio and lounging furniture, with the view of the CN tower and Nathan Phillips directly in front of us.

As I started mounting my mic onto my camera head, I smirked at the interactions that took place between Crooks and Junia. They’re truly a unique pair with a rapping flow that complements each other perfectly. Prior to meeting the both of them that evening, I first met Junia at a City Film Project event way back in the winter, and we clicked instantly. His easy going smile and genuine interest in getting to know someone on a more personal level is what makes him such a positive individual to be around. Crooks, I met shortly after at a Ryerson open mic night at the Ram Pub, and was intrigued by his exotic Portuguese-Brazilian features the moment we first met. ;P

The Smash Brovas always put on a hype show and their charisma on stage is undeniable. I love seeing them perform and their name only keeps comin’ up more and more in this city, especially on Much Vibe where their music video for their single, ‘Whatchu Need’, is out.

The third edition to the Love Affair coming up this Thursday, make sure you all reach Augusta House and see these guys smash tings up live. In the words of Mista Juniaaaaa T, “BAM BAM BAM!!!”

Here’s a lil clip of the time we spent together…

The Love Affair: SMASH BROVAS from Char Loro on Vimeo.

For facebook event, click HERE.


  1. Tweets that mention Lovehard. » The Love Affair: Smash Brovas -- said,

    08/30/2010 @ 11:57 pm

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by TeePee, Char Loro. Char Loro said: LATEST BLOG POST: Lovehard x @SmashBrovas for The LOVE AFFAIR, this Thurs at Augusta @crosswordMC @tachatheflava […]

  2. Masia One said,

    08/31/2010 @ 2:36 am

    What? Crooks you killed it! Junia, instant classic.

  3. ntg Productions said,

    08/31/2010 @ 11:28 am

    You could start off the “only just begun” remix on that rooftop.. have the intro being the view and the clocktower chiming.. a darker feel and a crazy sample flip and u got a fresh concept. I love the video you guys are strongminded with the lyrical knowledge & flow

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