Shine through.

Sigh. Exhale. Sigh, sigh, Exhale... last night was innnccrreeeddibblleeeeeee. I know I probably speak excitedly about many things, but real talks, I don’t boost unless I’m actually impressed or moved or inspired by something/someone. ALOE BLACC’s show last night was one of the best concerts that’s come through the Main Ingredient. The audience response was undeniable. It’s evident that Toronto longs for that soul, that heartfelt goodness… I mean, it’s one thing to go through Aloe’s entire album, and then another to see him light up on stage. When I met him during his photo shoot with Manifesto, he was more soft spoken, but his presence was powerful. I really admire that, especially from coming from someone who is naturally loud and draws attention to herself because she can’t shut up. Lol.

I have much respect for Aloe, the beauty in his words, and that he is so genuine about his passion. Someone who can share their heart on a stage in front of hundreds of people is something that inspires me beyond words.

The party that followed after was what it usually is: LIIIIVE. Many birthdays were celebrated, a shout out to Munira for rockin’ the hott denim party dress and birthday girl pin!

The Main Ingredient, period, is one of my most favorite jams in Toronto. There is no other vibe like it. Weaving through the crowd, more and more faces are becoming familiar to me as I’m constantly being introduced to more inspiring and influential people in this city. It’s a good feeling to be in a room surrounded by such powerful beings.

And for some reason last night… Char was gettin’ a lotta uncalled for love. I had a handful of people just stop me, really encourage me about my ambitions and goals, and tell me that they support me. I’ve been feeling this all week and I can’t tell you how heartfull I am. I am so blessed to have the friends and support network I have in the city that is not originally my own. To all those who came up to me and shared their wonderful words to me, please know that I took it to heart, I’m so appreciative of you and who you are to me. I’m so blessed.

Alllright. Enough with the gushy mushy stuff, haha. I’ve got a video to cut, and later on tonight… De La Soul free concert in Dundas Sq. I want to punch someone.

Here are some still shots from my footage of the night. Love it!

I’ve spoken my piece.

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