Best. Week. Yet.

I couldn’t have asked for a better week to officially kick off the summer. My homegirl Darylle, a super talented hip hop dancer/choreographer (of Diamonds in the Rough) based out of VanCity, hollered at me about a month ago asking if she could crash at my pad while she tested the waters out in TO to see if it would be a possible new home for her in the future. We had only ever seen each other around jams and hip hop dance competitions years back in VanCity, so having her stay with me and realizing this girl is my SISTREN, was such a blessing in disguise. Since Tuesday… we have gone out every single day and every single night. And this girl was DOWN, yo. For everything. It was like experiencing Toronto for the first time all over again through fresh VanCity eyeballs. My appreciation for the life I live in the concrete jungle deepened, especially remembering what it felt like to feel what Darylle felt this whole week.

For those of you who grew up here in TO… trust me, you are Blessed, if you dun kno. From Andy’s, dance classes, Ninja night bike rides, Kensington grocery shopping, NXNE, Unit, Augusta, crazy house parties, BBQ’s, double riding on Sinthuja, and too many people we jammed out with… this week was not just wonderful for Darylle, but really something I needed too. I can’t tell you enough how beautiful the energy of this tiny tot is. (And Yes, we called ourselves TEAM TINY. Lol!) Thank you to everyone who met Darylle and showed her mad love. Meant the world to me.

To my dearest D, I look forward to reconnecting with you again, Sistren. You are so talented and always remember what I said, over and over and over again… Keep your energy open, and everything will come to you. Everything. Never forget my premonition… A week we’ll always remember! Love you, girl.

For now, I leave you with these pics that we took when I took Darylle for a tour in the graffiti alleys. A video soon to come!

I’ve spoken my piece.

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