The past month working on this mini-doc has been such an incredible learning experience. The piece isn’t perfect and there’s so much I wish I could’ve done to make it something more, but the fact that I know the work isn’t finished, excites me. I think what I value most through this was being able to establish some real connections, and being given the privilege to be let into a world that is not my own. This is only the beginning. This isn’t just about a Graffiti war that’s being waged with Ford. This goes beyond that: this is about the system that we live in and recognizing we have a voice to speak up about it’s injustices.
Whether you choose to be idle or do something through some sort of medium that you excel at, whether that IS graffiti art, writing, music, dancing, film, photography… I provoke you to be more intentional with your talents. Join the movement and cause a ruckus with me. Silence is over-rated. This is our city.

Mad Love to everyone who helped put this together. My team, Dylan Mc Fadyen and Eric Kupp; the artists, Teaser, Under the Radar, Zion; the soundtrack, gripski, askyaluv, fate, switch b, sunclef, hector, and special shouts to Giles Monette, Water, Jedi, Skam, and The Bombshelter.

Now share this sh*t!!! Join the movement.


  1. D said,

    04/14/2011 @ 10:26 pm

    Really enjoyed the video, I don’t know much about graffiti. However, I don’t understand why they are going to such extent to rid of this when there are other issues like poverty and unemployment >: (

  2. Rob Ford's war on graffiti, a game of graffiti cat & mouse | OPEK LIFE said,

    04/22/2011 @ 3:20 am

    […] Graffiti, from Char Loro. (source) Spread the […]

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