Love, Hip Hop & Spoken Word: Feat. SHIHAN

[Jeff, myself, and Shihan]

Talk about a full house!! I haven’t seen a UHHU event get that crazy since I’ve been at Rye High. I’m sure that I’m not alone in saying that I was astounded by the support and response of all who attended this event this past Friday. World renown spoken word poet (HBO Def Jam Poetry), Shihan, made his first Canadian appearance right here in Toronto. A discussion about Love and Hip Hop, Shihan got real personal on the mic about his thoughts, inspirations, and how he’s been shaped by the experiences of Love in his life.

[Bahah that’s my girl Dee-Dee gettin hyped as per ush!]

Prior to this event, I had never heard of Shihan and decided to wait until Friday night to see him live before I crept any youtube videos. I was right away drawn to his energy, charisma, and personability. There is definitely something genuine about his presence, the words he used to convey his heartfelt messages, and the authenticity in his smile. (Smiles are everything, folks.) After his last performance piece, eeevverrryyonnneee was scrambling to the front to talk to him and get a piece of that dude. Lucky for me I was able to steal the one photo with the man. I look forward to hearing more of his thought-provoking work and can’t wait to have him back in Toronto again!

Here are the flicks of that night:

[Jeff, Shihan and Neda]

[Packed Lib 72]

[My Tri-Mentoring Peeps! George-Ann, Lali and Toni]

[White Ribbon, whuuut]

[RTA’s Zanana and Debbie, mi sistren, ya dun kno!]

[Shihan goin’ off on the mic]

[Hugs feel so much better when you rock side to side. Or in my case, I love getting picked up =D ]

[the Urban Hip Hop Union at Ryerson, baby! Bam Bam!]

[Jeff, Shihan and Neda again. Beautiful smiles all around.]

[Everybody wants dem a piece of Shihan!]

Lastly, here’s one of the poems that Shihan performed. Titled Negro Auction Network, he gives a pretty awesome introduction to what inspired him to write this. Check it!

“Negro Auction Network” – Shihan from Char Loro on Vimeo.

I’ve spoken my piece.

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