Lovehard presents: Angie Choi

[Class Photo! Bottom row, 3rd from the right is my beautifurr Angie!]

If there is any other woman who can hold a full conversation with me in a Chinese accent and do the ugliest silliest dance moves that could battle my signature “limp arms”, it would be Angie Choi. Extremely talented photographer, super hott and stylish fashionista, and the most fabulous deep set dimples my eyes have ever seen, this girl is always a joy to be around and has easily become one of my new favorite girlfriends over the past year. I love this girl like a sister and am excited to learn more about photography, love, and life through her!

A few days ago, one of Angie’s photos got chosen to be featured in the Best Of 2010: Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. It’s a really wicked pic of some of our dancer friends, and what I love the most about it is that it was nothing staged or preconceived: it’s a split-second moment of what looked like a pretty crazy time, captured for all eternity.

I don’t have many, but here are the photos of that night:

[The beautiful Kat lady, aka my date for the evening]

[DANG girl! 1500 bones!! Go make a fortune!]

[Kat and Angie]

[So cute!]

[Jim and Donny posing with Angie’s photo]

[My asian seesturrr]

[Angie and her beloved]

I’ve spoken my piece.


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