[Piece of sh*t restaurant that can go lick monkey balls]

You know what’s irritating?! UGH! UGGGHHH!! Like grossness to the tenth power. I’m so annoyed by what’s probably the smallest thing but honestly, I’ve seen so much of the crookery in the past week that it makes my blood boil seeing how people run their businesses sometimes. First it was my roommate having to deal with the bullsh*t corporate money grubbing snakes better known as BELL and BLACKBERRY (honestly… I want to hurl my own puke at the both of them. I HATE my blackberry, I HATE Bell, I’m getting an iPhone. That simple.)

And now, tonight, I dealt with someone trying to SNAKE me over freaking SHISHA.

So I’ve been here before, WRAP & ROLL on 519 Yonge Street, just south of Wellesley close to Papaya Hut. Shawarmas, pitas, oooh and Shisha! Having the luxury of my own hooka at home, getting perfect burning coals and good smoking shisha is without question. I’ve purchased shisha here at this place before and had a bit of a scufuffle with the salesperson some months ago, but in all honesty, I couldn’t remember why and I didn’t think it would happen to me a second time. Besides, if there was one thing that SNAKE didn’t lie about, was the quality of the SHISHA. Best I ever smoked thus far.

So I stroll in there on my way home with my buddy Giles and the man quotes me $30 bucks for a container. I furrow my eyebrows asking, “Was that what you charged me last time?” And he throws an offer, “How about I give you for $25?” Okay… sounds reasonable, my last container lasted me all those months so it seemed like a good offer. He asks me about which flavors, then suggests strawberry and apple, and I say “Sure! The shisha tastes pretty good!” He comes back, charges me on the till, and of all methods of payment, my dumbness who wants to rack up points chooses VISA. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Char’s a dum-dum.

Bada boom, bada bang, my purchase is complete, minus the fact that I wasn’t given a receipt to sign? Okay… so I ask for my receipt and the man prints me a TILL receipt. I look at it and realize it says, “29.98” “Uhhhh… you said $25! Why $29.98??” He says, “Because it’s two flavors. I have to charge you each flavor.” “You NEVER said it cost more for 2 flavors.” Then I ask for my VISA receipt. “You don’t need to sign.” “Okay, but I NEED a copy of it.” He prints me out my VISA receipt for me to see he actually charged me “$39.89”, a freakin TEN DOLLAR difference of his stupid lies and snakery. This looks BAD.

We stood there for a good minute as I glared at him in all seriousness of how bad this looked and how I didn’t appreciate being played for a chump. We argued as he continued to justify his actions which didn’t make ANY sense to me. I made Giles go outside to take down the address and restaurant information as I demanded for either a refund or another container of Shisha to cover the price I actually paid. He then had the nerve to propose that for an extra $5 I could upgrade to a bigger container.


NAH, B. One, you don’t have a proper price listing up. Two, you quoted me a price and then proceeded to charge me a different one, and then LIE to me on paper about which one it was. Three, you have the decency to tell me you care about my business yet you TRY AND SNAKE ME.

Last words I said to him before leaving with my extra container WHICH he loosely filled were, “You don’t wanna know who I could talk to about this” and “The next time if I come here you better have a legitimate price listing.”

I left so appalled by his horrendous business operations and how he tried to cheat me. I almost took a moment to put a curse into the Universe upon his name before Giles stopped me and told me to let Karma handle it. I’m sitting here so tempted to get my fingers-a-typing and my research skills going into finding someone within my 6-degrees who has the legitimate power to BRING DOWN THIS SNAKE.


Sigh. Injustice makes my blood curdle. At the end of the day, I left with what I fought for, and a horrible taste in my mouth.

I think I’m going to go smoke this Shisha now….

I’ve spoken my piece.


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  1. Konstantin said,

    12/28/2010 @ 4:04 am

    IMO Shisha is gross and pretentious. Nothing wrong with blackberry, support Canadian tech/innovation! Agreed—Bell/Rogers blow, though. File a chargeback with your credit company if you want your money back. -K

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