The Big Girl Tea Party

[Yup, those are mini creme brulees]

I simply LOVED playing tea party as a little girl. Play tea sets seemed to be a popular present of choice back then, especially considering it’s what I received on my birthday and Christmas during one year. Who would’ve thought that  those same fond memories of feeling princessey and regal could come creeping back on us to remind us… that we’re all little Princesses inside *super creepy cheesey smile*.

Celebrating Her Highness the Queen Nadine’s beautiful born day, the Ladies of the Court were summoned by Her Highness to gather in the Grand Tea Room for High Tea.


Dressed in my vintage beaver lined hair piece and black Kimora Lee Fabulous fur coat, myself and the ladies brought out our Sunday best for such an occasion. For $40 bucks, we indulged ourselves in quite the experience — our own beautiful china tea set equipped with tea pot of our choice of amazing loose leaf teas, a tower filled with plates of gourmet sandwiches, scones, creme brulee and dessert, and the afternoon spent in the incredible lobby of the King Edward Hotel .

I had a GREAT time! I can’t wait to go back again. If only I could afford to do it every Sunday…. Sigh. I LOVE tea parties!!

Happy Birthday once again to one of the most vivacious, youthful and beautiful energies of life that I know and love… The Queen Nadine. You don’t even know how you’ve inspired me to explore my writing! I love you, Nadine and am so thankful to have met you. *luuuuuuuunnge* Now come here so I can rip off your fingernails. =D (Love expressed through verbal threats of physical violence)

Here are the rest of the pics of that day:

[I want this china set!]

[Baroness Tina]

[Countess Maxine]

[Princess Rashmi]

[Queen Nadine, the Birthday Girl!!!]

[Lady Beth]

[Hmmm… I’ve run out of royal titles.]

[… I give up on titles. I even tried to google it. Presenting, the Lovely Christine and Rina]

[Sigh… I NEED a tea set!]

[Ew. You’re SO beautiful. Get out of here.]

[The Radiant Miss Emily]

[In the Grand Lobby — Rashmi, Nadine and Emily]

[I love her.]

I’ve spoken my piece. Peace!

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