A Token of Loooove

My dear friends over at Pretty Freedom have been workin’ hard this winter season, stocking up on faaaabbbulous fur coats, one-of-a-kind knit sweaters and cardi’s, and collaborating with independent accessory designers to make sure they’ve got fresh goodies for potential Christmas presents. Popping into the store late Saturday evening, Jodee introdced me to the new Pretty Freedom tokens, also known as their custom-made gift certificates. Coming in increments of $25, $50, $75, $100 or whatever  your heart desires, these “tokens” given to someone special as a “token” of your appreciation, love, and respect makes for a wicked Christmas gift.

Many think “How do you go present shopping with vintage?” It’s difficult to figure out sizing, if that person will love the item or not, etc etc. The truth is, these Tokens aren’t a thoughtful-present-cop-out-gift-certificate… your special gift-receiver gets the entire Pretty Freedom special treatment: Meeting Jodee and Helena who are the most personable stylists with incredible energy who also provide you with a really unique shopping experience. The store alone has a great boutique feel and all your interactions may it be with the clothes or Jodee and Helena, feel really catered towards you. I love it!

[The lovely Jodee]

And well, if you don’t want to go the “token” way, you can also give a great accessory and  support independent jewelry designers and artisans. Some of my favorites they carry are Melissa Clemente and Leilanni Land‘s headwraps. I also highly recommend you check out Pretty Freedom’s collaboration with One Free Bird, a homegirl of mine, Krystle, who has perfected the art of witty doodling so much that she  had to have her own line of printed cards. They’re AWESOME!

[Bahaha Too awesome.]

Check Pretty Freedom’s website HERE for location and store hours. Let them know Char sent ya and give Jodee and Helena a smackeroo on the cheek for me. (Well, not if you’re creepy. That’s weird. Maybe it’s just weird in general. Just say hi for me?)

Here are the rest of the pics of that day:

[vintage fur coats galore!]

[Jodee’s “Look Book” look. ALWAYS dressed well, thiiis guy.]

[treble clef]

[Military boots, legwarmers and cinched trousers.]

[Yes, Jodee has a tail! Lol.]

I’ve spoken my piece.


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