“House Party”: Lovehard x Supreme Team

“House Party” — Lovehard x Supreme Team from Char Loro on Vimeo.

Here is the final piece I handed in for my intermediate EFP class. Looking back on it now, it was such a great learning experience being able to put an entire production together. I definitely saw where I could’ve pushed the boundary more, where I had lots of difficulty, (for example, I’ll never cast a role for my cat ever again!) but all in all, it turned out pretty good and it made everybody in my class laugh. I’m looking forward to making more pieces and challenging myself to what else is possible. Again, MUCH thanks and love to my entire production crew, Supreme Team, and all the actors and extras. Oh, and thanks Ritchie for providing the soundtrack! All music (except for techno sequence) was produced by Rich Kidd.

Hope ya’ll get some sh*ts and giggles outta this!

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