Rain vs. Snow = Whatever's warmer WINS

Tis true. As expected of Vancouver winters, cloudy grey with a 90% chance of rain has graced me with it’s presence. Do I complain? Yes, of course, I hate rain. Do I stop complaining when I think of the cold and snow Toronto experiences this time of year? Absolutely. If I could have neither, I would, but until I can move to a land far away where winter is non-existent, I shall brace the cold and wet with a bitter smile on my face.

The weekend has breezed by and it’s been glorious. Too many momentous events occurred. Let’s RECAP:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/charloro/sets/72157623048131896/[for full album of Amie’s party, click here.]

Friday marked the 21st birthday of my best friend, Amie. We’ve been an indestructible duo since we were in grade nine. Two extremely polar opposite humans have found a way over the last 8 years to accept and love each other unconditionally. I believe three things ultimately brought us together: 1. BOYS, 2. We’re CRAZY and 3. FOOD. Leave us in a room full of spicy tuna rolls, buffalo wings, bubble tea, deep fried fish cakes, old dutch jalepeno cheddar chips, and potato salad from Earl’s and you’ll find nothing but two (extremely cute) girls with residual crumbs and sauce smears on their faces who both look like they’re 7 months preggers. We’ll then most likely itis out watching some cheesey romantic comedy movies post feast. She is the tree and I’m the stump. She is the jocky, white girl, sophisticated stylish, softer spoken (except for when it really matters), CANUCKS CRAZED, spicy addict, country music and white boy lover, whereas I am the ganggstta, vintage-mother’s closet, candid speaker, hates spicy loves salty, old school hip hop/funk/soul, chocolate man looooverrrr. If we weren’t so different I don’t think we’d appreciate each other as much as we do. I love this girl with all my heart and am down for her till the day we die. No matter how much we grow in different directions and change to become the people we will, I will never stop cherishing what we have and I will never hesitate to end up in some random city like Ottawa if she needed me. That’s a promise that will never be broken, real talks.

Amie’s birthday celebrations included a wonderful surprise organized by her other best friend Teri and her boyfriend Jay. Simply Delicious is exactly that… a simply delicious sushi restaurant. Awaiting her arrival were some of our high school friends and other well appreciated relations she’s garnered over the years. What better way to ring in 21 than to be with great friends, SUSHI and the Canucks on the big screen?! Oh, and let’s not forget the personally signed photo of Amie by Mason Raymond. Big ups to the BF for waiting in line for 2 hours. Just aannotthherrr piece of memorabilia to add to the ridiculous collection of Canucks stuff this girl already owns. (You should see her room. Sickeningly full of Canucks goods.)

After Amie’s party, I made an appearance at the annual Fam Pajama Christmas party. I love these humans. They became my crew of all crews this past summer. Although I was definitely overdressed, the CINNZEO (Cinnabon’s name on the West Coast), jello shots and WILD’N OUT was suuuuuupper fun. Oh… and blueberries, of course;)

http://www.flickr.com/photos/charloro/sets/72157623048364444/[for the Fam’s full Christmas party album, click here.]

Saturday was a canceled photo shoot with Amie and Richie due to the predicted fatigue of the birthday girl from the night before. It was definitely not looked down upon, especially considering Richie and I both needed the extra hours of slumber. I spent my afternoon with the delightful Adi Baybay of the Boombox Saints. A trip downtown to walk around the new Vancouver Convention Center (which, by the way, is absolutely gorrrgeous) was greatly appreciated along with the heart-to-heart conversations Adi and I shared. Take note: this is an extraordinary being who has come into my life just earlier this year and I have not a single doubt in my mind that he’s going to conquer the world. And he’s going to take every single person who’s down for the hustle with him. I have nothing but mad love for Adi and the Boombox Saints fam. Let’s get ready to riiisseee…

Our chill sesh would also not be what it was had we not gone to GUU. (I had it planned in the back of my mind the entire time.) As if I haven’t spoken/facebooked/tweeted about this restaurant enough, Guu is hands down my favorite Japanese restaurant ever. We walked into the Gastown location with many warm hugs and greetings from the staff who I acquainted myself so well with over the summer. Tamo, Yuki, Suguru and fam… thank youuuuu SO much. I’m known as the “Tront girl” there. And by “Tront” I mean “Toronto.” Lol. Complimentary earl grey creme brulee and cheesecake on the hizzouse?! Why do I feel like such a superstar?! Arigato Gozaimasu.

My Saturday evening was the last SoPhresh Saturday at the Wild Coyote ever in life. New owners = a new building = no more original Saturday Yote nights. Say what you may, but for those who have ever attended a SoPhresh Saturday cannot deny that friendships were formed, good times were had, and Red Dragons were consumed. (I believe it was the first place and first time I ever took one of those.) Congrats to the Phresh Vibe crew, especially to Juice, Jin, Hustle, and Mikey for 5 successful years. This is not the end. If you’re a loyal support of the Phresh Vibe fam, I encourage you to stay tuned with future updates on party action to come.

Sunday was a bright and way too early morning start of the day. I attended church with my family and reunited with many of my childhood friends. I will always love GIBC and be thankful to them for raising me and helping me grow into the woman I am today. Although I’ve moved and have grown in a different direction, it doesn’t change the fact that I’ll never stop appreciating who they all were to me at one point in time.

To be completely frank, I know some people are concerned or wonder about me… how did I go from being an avid church attendee who was heavily involved in ministries, to not going to church at all? Apparently it makes people wonder even more when they see my side shaved head, nose piercing and photos of alcohol consumption or partying, things that used to definitely not be of my nature. Well, if you really want to know what’s up and you’re too afraid it’s a touchy subject to bring up to my face, here it is, plain and simple: I am the happiest I have ever been. Genuinely, authentically and truly. Do I believe in God? Yes. Do I believe in religion? For the most part, no. Do I look down upon people who choose this lifestyle of attending church and being involved in ministries? Absolutely not. Do you, as I’m doing me. Whatever makes you whole, who can say anything against that? So you don’t need to say anything against me. I experience a liberation within myself almost every day embracing the simple fact that I can make out of my life whatever I will it to be. I have goals and cargo pants and vest pockets full of dreams. What makes me the happiest I’ve ever been is knowing that I’m attracted and surrounded by likewise incredible humans, I am achieving one goal at a time, and I’m exploring this world and milking it for all it’s worth. Thank you to those who’ve been loyal to me and never doubted me, despite my drastic growth and changes over the years that you may or may not agree with. In the end, I’m not here to please anyone. Thanks to those who acknowledge this. I’ll never forget who you’ve been to me.


[for full Choir/Family holiday fun album, click here.]

Anyway. Enough with the heavy stuff. BACK to my Sunday…
I watched my mom’s choir perform at a senior’s home. Filipino choir accents are my favorite. You should seriously see my mom sing in the choir. She is ADORABLE. Accentuates every single word… I love it! After some family photos in front of the Christmas tree, many ‘Tita Erla’ jokes and such, my family and I had a late lunch/early dinner at Cucina Manila right near our house. BOMB BOMB BOMB sinigang and bifsteak. I LOVE Filipino food!

Less than two hours later, I had a second dinner, this time at the Keg. Neil’s Annual Christmas dinner extravanganzaaa. You don’t understand, apparently this dude invited me 5 months ago in the summer to prepare me for this feast. I completely forgot about it. Neil goes ALL OUT. I had Filet Mignon wrapped in applewood bacon?! Twice baked potato?! Extra 3-cheese butter?! BAKED GARLIC SHRRAMMPSS?!? Oh my goodness I’m salivating. Thank you so, so, so, SO much for the invite, Neil. Great company and lots of laughs were had with new and familiar faces.

After the belt-breaker feast, my broski picked me up and we went to Tara’s where we JUST missed the rest of the bridal party — Grace, Elsa, Lien… but did I miss my baby boy Jayden?! NO I DID NOT!! Baby was up until 11pm with us and I witness him take the most steps he’s ever walked on his own! I nearly got it on camera. Speculations of a trip to Toronto in the summer with the Rodas family and Nelly? BABY JAYDEN TROMPING THE STREETS OF TORONTO with his baby J’s I bought him a few months back?!?! YES YES AND YES! My Godson is the BEST and CUTEST and if you have any differing opinions you can SUCK IT and keep it to yourself!


[for full album of Neil’s dinner/Jayden, click here.]

I’m tired.
That was an extremely long blog post. For those who actually read through the entire thing, comment, and you shall receive a consolation prize… perhaps a cinnabon if I know you personally. (But you have to let me eat the center. Muahahah.)

Christmas is this weekend! I’m so excited to go back to Victoria! My cousins from California!
Why is this winter vacation soooooo awesome (minus the incessant jokes made by my father about his disagreement with my side shaved head. He now says, ‘Iss becoz you cannot hear in one ear berry well and das why you shabe it so dat you can leesten properrly!!’) WHATEVER FAJA.

I’m outta here.
I’ve spoken my piece.

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