The Nyph's Reply to the Shepherd

Like Raleigh’s response to Marlowe, I recently have come across a man with a query, no, more like a declaration, made with words so brilliantly and intentionally laid, to swoon me. They are words that have flattered me and moved me in such a way that it would be an offense to remain silent.
And so, be it forth, my Reply:


I steal beautiful moments.

Life a thief, a midnight marauder,
I plunder and I take
I invade
Those that are most precious to you
That which you hang onto
Your beautiful moments.

Looking up from my lens,
My eye reaches out
Tries to catch focus
He won’t stand steady
He won’t stand still.
He refuses to be

They say a picture can say a thousand words
But no glimpse in time that I can take
Couldreveal this feeling I just can’t
Off, Take off, I look side to side
and gather myself.
I look through the eye of my lens again and..


And for the first time, it is me that is caught
Red handed, I am
I am stripped from the black metal cold night I hide behind
And click.

20/20 Vision, I don’t need my 50mm for macro clarity
It is definite, and detailed, and clear to distinguish
That He

He weakens every limb on my body
All of which went form tense to relaxed
Like the thump in my heart went from minimum to max
And a sultry, jazzy melody begins to play from a sax
And all I see fitting in this frame
Is him
And me.
(And possibly, a few babies?)
I’m getting ahead of myself.

It’s a rule of thirds
And third time’s the charm
It didn’t take three tries
To make me weak in the heart.

His piercing dark eyes have me
locked and immobile
The graze of his nose
Moving up and through the contours
That my barber paved on the softest parts
of my


The words he whispers are stories untold
They are the secrets that are kept silent in
ventricles and atriums
Of a heart repressed
Of a heart now undressed

And he is brave and bold
To let his vulnerability reign through his breath
A wisdom beyond his years

There is no lens to hide in fear
Because for so long
It seemed I’ve almost forgotten
That I wanted to be the one to complete
A picture perfect.

Can be
Picture Perfect.

Dedicated to the particular gentleman who provoked me to respond. Thanks for the inspiration.

I’ve spoken my piece.


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