Spotlight: Rian Hamilton

Last Saturday was Miss Rian Hamilton’s 21st birthday and she went ALL OUT. Despite a few little unexpected mishaps that is natural for all birthday parties, we still had a wicked time because it was all about the wicked people there. Ya feel me?! I mean, let’s be honest, the last time Char was in a limo was high school graduation, and it felt preeeetyyy pimp rollin in a White Chrysler something-something limo. ESPECIALLY sippin’ on Moet on an empty stomache =/ Bad idea. Char + being Asian + empty stomache = getting drunk faster than ever. All in the name of looking good! We partied in Sauga that night (JFK’s for all my Saugan’s who knows whussup) and it was a suburban cultural experience. A.K.A. SAS RIACAL AUNTY G!!! Lol.

Strangely enough, no photos were taken of that evening… I guess it’s a super Vancouver asian girl thing to carry around point-and-shoots 24/7. Personally, I should really invest in a new one considering my old cybershot died earlier this year, and there is no way I have alcohol present with T.I. around. Prior to the party bonanza, I did, however, photograph the lovely Miss Rian just around the corner of my house at an empty parking lot. A very happy birthday to you, my love. =) Welcome to the best age in LIFE.

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I’ve spoken my piece.



  1. RIAN HAMILTON said,

    11/25/2009 @ 7:45 am


    You did more than dab my tears. You were the highlight of not only the evening, but of the new turning in my life. I am thankful for you and love you and your energy. Your positivity is annoyingly contagious, and thanks to you, everything in life has a dangerously optimistic twist on it.

    Thank you for you.

    <3 Rian 21 Hamilton
    (who's jersey number is 21?! I got nothing!!)

  2. Guud Stuff said,

    11/25/2009 @ 5:35 pm

    Who´s got number 21 only a double olympic gold medalist, national hero and legend:
    Peter Forsberg

    Here´s for all those who don´t know:

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